RIP: Dave Potter
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A third cent
Mon Sep 4, 2017 18:01

If the shooting is established at being 3:00 PM then the term in question is of no great importance. It's a slip of tongue. It's not an uncommon error to insert the wrong time of day.

  • timingAnonymous, Wed Aug 30 04:32
    If the shooting occurred at 3:00, sunset would have been around 5:30, lets give evening or end of the day to start around 4:30 I don't see a problem with the sequence described as "a few moments... more
    • A third cent — Anonymous, Mon Sep 4 18:01
    • The Prosecution apparetly agrees with youTom Gaumer, Wed Aug 30 18:38
      but I think Mr. Williams would have been jumped on hard by good lawyers attempting to protect their case. Willliams, had he been faced with good lawyers which I don't think he was, would have had a... more
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