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Tom Gaumer
Lake swings and misses again?
Wed Sep 6, 2017 10:07

Here is an article that was hard to find until Ken Vail showed me where to look.

I believe Stuart Lake reported these charges were squashed but the newspaper says they were not and is challenging the law to go get Wyatt now that they know where he is located. Of course earlier Wyatt was publicized as being in Arizona and especially so at Harqua Halla (sp) in 1888 or 1889. The law apparently didn't care about Frank Stilwell then or then or then again as no one went to arrest or seek to have California pick Wyatt up and send him to Arizona for trial. Also there were no eye witnesses at the time. Also many of the semi witnesses might be dead or even harder to find. In any case Wyatt skated free on an indictment for murder again in 1896 as he did in 1882.

Dec. 12, 1896, Tombstone Prospector, page 4.

"An Indictment in Arizona Still Hangs Over Him

There is on file in the district court of this First Judicial District and for Pima County an indictment for murder against: Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Warren Earp, Sherman McMasters and John Johnson, charging them with the murder of Frank Stilwell in Tucson, March 20,1882. The Star says this indictment was found and presented to the court March 25,1882. After the finding of the indictment the parties were outlawed for several months Anyone know what that means? How can you be outlawed for a period less than it takes to catch you or until the charges are dropped? and were never taken. Most of the parties are now dead but the fact of Wyatt Earp's appearance in the recent Fitzsimmons-Sharkey fight makes the fact one of interest as the indictments stand against him untried or otherwise disposed of."

I guess Stilwell was unloved? Can I have a tear for Stilwell please.

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    • Tears are not conducive in your town!K.t.K., Thu Sep 7 02:50
      Especially since that ridiculous statue of Wyatt and Doc was installed at the train station. How disgusting is that? Hero worship of two confirmed, crooked, gamblers I'll never forget the verbal... more
      • ActuallyTom Gaumer, Fri Sep 8 00:16
        Ken I missed the first half of Roy's speech because another Tom from California stayed at the Pima County Air Museum too long. I couldn't find him and was driving and could not abandon him. I did... more
      • I think the statues.......Peter Brand, Thu Sep 7 20:18
        were erected for tourist purposes, not as a means to worship Wyatt and Doc. It was purely to mark the event and draw people and money to the town. PB
        • In all fairness, Peter....K.t.K., Fri Sep 8 13:20
          ...don't you think there should be five statues? I mean, what about Warren and Sherm and Johnson? All five were equally liable and named together in the murder warrant. Tourists are constantly lead... more
          • I would guessTom Gaumer, Sun Sep 10 18:13
            Ken that the statue contains the two people most known to the public. After all it is for tourists and not historians. I forget what if anything is said on the statues base about the two men... more
            • Statue DescriptionNeil Brown, Sun Sep 10 20:31
              On base of statue: "Dan Bates. American U.S. Wyatt and "Doc" 2005 Bronze, Edition 1/1 Realized through the efforts and generosity of Mary Bates, Jim Click, Bourn Partners, Bruce Ash, Friends of... more
              • Thanks for saving me the trip:-)Tom Gaumer, Sun Sep 10 23:23
                Neil Brown If they had included the fact Stilwell was listed as one of the murderers of Morgan Earp by the Coroner's Hearing in Tombstone, that might have made the revenge slaying more clear. I think ... more
                • AgreedNeil Brown, Mon Sep 11 05:08
                  Tom, Agreed. The marker should have pointed out that Frank Stillwell was a prime suspect in the killing of Morgan Earp and was listed as one of the murderers in the Coroner's Hearing. For historical... more
                  • Well saidTom Gaumer, Mon Sep 11 09:36
                    Neil How do we get Warren and Stilwell added and some words changed. It might not be cheap and the city is probably not going to pay. I will start us out with a pledge of $25. Keep Laughing Tom
                  • Nice summaryBob Paul, Mon Sep 11 07:43
                    This is a nice summary of events which appear to me to be a mix of "historical accuracy" and "personal view". I've spent a little time looking into the "inclinations of the Governor of Colorado" and... more
          • I totally agreePeter Brand, Sat Sep 9 20:07
            I would have liked a statue of the Johnson and McMaster and Warren too, but I think accuracy has never been big in terms of tourism. Legend wins ever time. I take your point that it would be in bad... more
      • KtK not to worry...Eddie Lanham, Thu Sep 7 16:50
        Within the next 50 years most all statues of historical figures will be gone, including Washington, Jefferson, even Wyatt and Doc. Both Wyatt and Doc have what some might call a "dark" past in their... more
        • Thank you, Eddie.K.t.K., Fri Sep 8 13:24
          Although I think the Earps by birth were actually "mid-west" Yankees. k
          • EarpsEddie Lanham, Fri Sep 8 18:12
            KtK, Yes Wyatt was born in the mid-west as his family migrated west. However he was raised by Southerners. Father Nicholas was born North Carolina and mother Kentucky. Nicholas' father born Maryland, ... more
      • Tears for StilwellRoy B Young, Thu Sep 7 08:14
        You guys are very kind in regard to the wanton murder of poor Frank Stilwell. Obviously (I hope), you recognize a little attempt at humor. I've shed no tears for Frank. I do wish he would have had... more
        • Great news!paul j, Sat Sep 9 15:58
          Looking forward to that publication, Roy. Congratulations! - paul
        • Roy, "who erects a monument to murder".....Kevin Mulkins, Fri Sep 8 08:00
          as you seem to disparage Tucson for erecting a statue of Wyatt and Doc at the sight of the Stilwell killing I would hope you will give equal disparaging remarks to the following towns and cities who... more
          • Your are right, Kevin.Roy B Young, Fri Sep 8 08:18
            Kevin, I agree with you 100%. We both know that it is primarily "tourist trade" driven. Plus, it gives all of us something extra to talk about! I love Tucson and all of its history - same for... more
        • Frank Stilwell bioJohn Boessenecker, Thu Sep 7 13:02
          Roy, that is fantastic news about the Stilwell bio. I can't wait to read it. You have been working on it forever. I'm sure it will be amazing.
          • Thanks, JohnRoy B Young, Thu Sep 7 13:33
            Thanks, John. Yes, it's been a long-time coming. I started on this biography in 1997. Of course, I'm glad I have delayed publication because so many folks - like you - have done excellent research... more
      • Good newsBob Paul, Thu Sep 7 07:35
        Wow, exciting "new" discovery. Hopefully, Roy will be available at TTR to give more perspective.
    • Short answer = No (nm)Peter Brand, Wed Sep 6 16:05
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