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Roy B Young
Thanks, John
Thu Sep 7, 2017 13:33

Thanks, John. Yes, it's been a long-time coming. I started on this biography in 1997. Of course, I'm glad I have delayed publication because so many folks - like you - have done excellent research that will amplify my own work on Stilwell, Earp, Tombstone, Cow Boys, etc.

I can't announce it yet, but another book on a similar topic will precede this one and should be out in July 2018. Hope to make the announcement in January.

Though I don't often post to BJ's, I do read it regularly and appreciate all the good work that others are doing.

  • Frank Stilwell bioJohn Boessenecker, Thu Sep 7 13:02
    Roy, that is fantastic news about the Stilwell bio. I can't wait to read it. You have been working on it forever. I'm sure it will be amazing.
    • Thanks, John — Roy B Young, Thu Sep 7 13:33
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