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Eddie Lanham
Fri Sep 8, 2017 18:12

Yes Wyatt was born in the mid-west as his family migrated west. However he was raised by Southerners. Father Nicholas was born North Carolina and mother Kentucky.
Nicholas' father born Maryland, his father Maryland (Rev. War), his father Virginia.
Both the Earp and Holliday-Burroughs families in Virginia/Maryland were prominent in the Revolutionary War.
I have always believed the bond between Wyatt and Doc had much to do with them both being raised "Southern".
Just my thoughts.

Today while in the Walmart, Griffin GA. an evacuating Floridian's T-shirt in large letters read, "Irma Sux". I agree.

  • Thank you, Eddie.K.t.K., Fri Sep 8 13:24
    Although I think the Earps by birth were actually "mid-west" Yankees. k
    • Earps — Eddie Lanham, Fri Sep 8 18:12
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