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Neil Brown
Statue Description
Sun Sep 10, 2017 20:31

On base of statue:

"Dan Bates. American U.S.

Wyatt and "Doc"
Bronze, Edition 1/1

Realized through the efforts and generosity of Mary Bates,
Jim Click, Bourn Partners, Bruce Ash, Friends of Western Art,
Russell & Mary Garrett, Council Member Fred Ronstadt,
Mayor Robert E. Walkup, Compass Bank, Steve Johnson"

On Historical Marker next to statue:

“Wyatt Earp joined his four brothers in the silver-boom town of Tombstone in 1879, where brother Virgil was deputy U.S. Marshal. Wyatt was a sometimes-lawman himself, and hoped to become sheriff of the newly formed Cochise County in 1881. He withdrew from the race when the other candidate, John Behan, promised to make him chief deputy. Behan was associated with a rowdy element known as the ‘cowboys,’ who were involved in periodic rustling forays, robberies and similar unscrupulous pursuits. Behan reneged on his promise to Earp, causing hard feelings between the two, a situation made worse when Earp stole Behan’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Josephine Sarah Marcus. Hostility between Behan and his supporters and the ‘Earp crowd,’ which included John H. ‘Doc’ Holliday – a tubercular, hot-tempered dentist and gambler – reached a flashpoint Oct. 26, 1881 with the infamous shootout near OK Corral that left three of the cowboys dead. In the weeks that followed, ambush attacks left Virgil Earp crippled and Morgan Earp dead. Thereafter, the Earp group is believed to have systematically extracted revenge on about a dozen of their enemies including Frank Stilwell. Stilwell was shot at the Tucson Depot on March 20, 1882.”

Also shown on Historical Marker is "Map drawn by Wyatt Earp showing where he killed Frank Stillwell a short distance northwest of the Tuscon railroad station.".

Historical marker in both English and Spanish.


  • I would guessTom Gaumer, Sun Sep 10 18:13
    Ken that the statue contains the two people most known to the public. After all it is for tourists and not historians. I forget what if anything is said on the statues base about the two men... more
    • Statue Description — Neil Brown, Sun Sep 10 20:31
      • Thanks for saving me the trip:-)Tom Gaumer, Sun Sep 10 23:23
        Neil Brown If they had included the fact Stilwell was listed as one of the murderers of Morgan Earp by the Coroner's Hearing in Tombstone, that might have made the revenge slaying more clear. I think ... more
        • AgreedNeil Brown, Mon Sep 11 05:08
          Tom, Agreed. The marker should have pointed out that Frank Stillwell was a prime suspect in the killing of Morgan Earp and was listed as one of the murderers in the Coroner's Hearing. For historical... more
          • Well saidTom Gaumer, Mon Sep 11 09:36
            Neil How do we get Warren and Stilwell added and some words changed. It might not be cheap and the city is probably not going to pay. I will start us out with a pledge of $25. Keep Laughing Tom
          • Nice summaryBob Paul, Mon Sep 11 07:43
            This is a nice summary of events which appear to me to be a mix of "historical accuracy" and "personal view". I've spent a little time looking into the "inclinations of the Governor of Colorado" and... more
            • Re: Nice SummaryNeil Brown, Mon Sep 11 09:05
              You're right, I am sure my view re: the Governor is incomplete, but it is more my poor memory than personal view. I haven't read my books lately. Looking at Lubet's Murder in Tombstone at the moment, ... more
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