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Tom Gaumer
Well said
Mon Sep 11, 2017 09:36

How do we get Warren and Stilwell added and some words changed. It might not be cheap and the city is probably not going to pay. I will start us out with a pledge of $25.
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  • AgreedNeil Brown, Mon Sep 11 05:08
    Tom, Agreed. The marker should have pointed out that Frank Stillwell was a prime suspect in the killing of Morgan Earp and was listed as one of the murderers in the Coroner's Hearing. For historical... more
    • Well said — Tom Gaumer, Mon Sep 11 09:36
    • Nice summaryBob Paul, Mon Sep 11 07:43
      This is a nice summary of events which appear to me to be a mix of "historical accuracy" and "personal view". I've spent a little time looking into the "inclinations of the Governor of Colorado" and... more
      • Re: Nice SummaryNeil Brown, Mon Sep 11 09:05
        You're right, I am sure my view re: the Governor is incomplete, but it is more my poor memory than personal view. I haven't read my books lately. Looking at Lubet's Murder in Tombstone at the moment, ... more
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