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Warrn Earp - i.e. Neil Brown
Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:49

Your mention of Warren being at Willcox reminded me of an investigation years ago into the fact he had been arrested and held in custody at Yuma in November 1893. The preferential treatment received there by Warren was an intrigue of mine, prompting a closer look. It turns out that the guy who Earp committed the triple crime against - assault, extortion and disturbing the peace - was described in one source as "a friend." The victim - Professor Behrens - was none other than business partner with Colonel Sylvester B. Comstock at his Oriental Saloon, attached to the Oriental Music Hall. Comstock carried much influence in Arizona over the years, specifically at this time in Calabasas (from where he just moved in 1892), Yuma and Tucson. I never learned how Comstock recruited such a leading light as Professor Siegfried Behrans, formerly Dean of Music at the Academy of Music at Philadelphia.

It was S. B. Comstock who was a staunch supporter of Virgil and Wyatt at Tombstone. By extension its probably fair to say he was in favor of all five Earp brothers who lived at Tombstone at that time.

Secondarily it was none other than "Morg's great friend" Bob Hatch who was a month into his appointment as "Village Marshal" at Yuma. Prior to that Hatch had been Captain of the Guard at the Territorial Prison, from which place Johnny Behan had just departed in June 1893, taking a job at El Paso as Customs Inspector. Hatch was later a Territorial Legislator and served as Deputy U. S. Marshal.

Considering Warren's crime on November 10, of coercing Behrens to walk out to the middle of the bridge and then grab him by the throat to threaten his life and extort him, I can only think that today the crime of kidnapping would be added. Earp had demanded $100, but Behrens worked him down to $25, to which Warren agreed. Siegfried told Warren he would get the money, "As soon as Comstock comes down tonight," after which they walked back together.

Earp went before the Judge on November 18, at which time: "Upon the request of the prosecuting witness he was discharged upon the charge of assault with attempt to murder. The question of the jurisdiction of the court in the case, also entered into the decision, as it was shown that the deed was committed 24 feet north of the middle of the bridge and therefore in the State of California, providing the line of that State reaches to the middle of the river. Upon the charge of extortion he was placed under $250 bonds, as that part of his work was done on Main street. [Marshal Hatch also ran a chain-gang in Yuma.] The charge of disturbing the peace still hangs over him. He promised that he would leave town on the first train which he did, on Saturday evening's eastbound express..." [Arizona Sentinel - Nov. 25, 1893, page 3]

Poor Warren couldn't go westbound because his father had already kicked him out of California.
Still need help: Who should we suppose influenced Behrens to drop the charge?

    • Re: Warrn Earp - i.e. Neil BrownNeil Brown, Tue Sep 12 20:25
      Kenny I really appreciate this information! I am glad you looked further into that incident and shared it here. Now, it makes much more sense than just being one more of Warren's random angry antics. ... more
      • Earps with warrants in ArizonaK.t.K., Thu Sep 14 07:54
        Thanks Neil Brown. We also know that Wyatt in late 1888 and early 1889 was in Harqua Hala, Az., on a venture. Getting there from San Diego by rail automatically puts him in Yuma; at least in and out... more
        • Re: Earps with warrants in ArizonaBob, Thu Sep 14 12:27
          Wasn't Wyatt also elected constable in one of outlying districts of Yuma around 1905-1906? Hickey found the election documents and put them in his Warren Earp book, but let somebody convince him that ... more
        • Harqua Hala.Bob Paul, Thu Sep 14 11:52
          I seem to recall a presentation on this Harqua Hala adventure. IIRC, it was noted that Charlie Shibell was also in the area. Shibell might have still been in the Pima County administration. He seems... more
          • Shibell? The plot thinkins for sure.. (nm)K.t.K., Thu Sep 14 16:18
            • Heh, heh, heh.Bob Paul, Fri Sep 15 15:50
              "The plot thinkins...". Good one, heh, heh, heh.
              • Re: Heh, heh, heh.K.t.K., Sat Sep 16 02:45
                That's not the first word I came up with. Perhaps my mother was the inspiration. When having to chastise me to desist from some childhood foolishness, she sometimes would say to stop it "immediately, ... more
                • XLNT.Bob Paul, Sat Sep 16 06:40
                  Congratulations, wise woman. One should always listen to and respect their mamas.
        • Warren to AZ in 1886Neil Brown, Thu Sep 14 11:05
          Thanks for reminding me about the mining venture. Also, the earliest return of an Earp to Arizona I have heard mentioned is the return to Cochise County by Warren only four years after the Vendetta... more
          • Wow. I'm very pleased to learn this, Neil.K.t.K., Thu Sep 14 17:06
            1886 takes the cake. Having pieced together a 60-page bio on Warren I can vouch for his despicable nature on more than a few different occasions. His history of having women problems (such as leading ... more
            • Re: Wow. I'm very pleased to learn this, Neil.Bob Cash, Sun Sep 24 16:26
              I hesitate to raise this issue, only because of Glenn Boyer's habit of throwing it around at his critics and at the cowboys with nothing to back it up, but your statement about Warren's trouble with... more
              • .... I don't remember hearing about the article by de la Garza. But I would certainly like to see her source for the homosexual lover's quarrel between Earp and Boyett. Meanwhile the persuasion is... more
            • Re: Wow. I'm very pleased to learn this, Neil.Neil Brown, Sat Sep 23 07:37
              Kenny, I noticed you wrote that Kate Sanford was also known as "Ida" Kate Sanford. What is your source for this? Other than the marriage certificate, I have found no other source for her name.... more
              • Neil, I just now saw your post....K.t.K., Thu Sep 28 13:59
                ....and went straight into my Warren Earp file. I don't have a specific source, but seem to remember getting it off the Internet. There is simply the name in bold blue letters "Ida Kate Sanford (1860 ... more
                • Kate SanfordNeil Brown, Thu Sep 28 15:39
                  Thank you very much Kenny. I believe what you found is an error regarding Kate. I encountered that "Kate" Ida Sanford, listed as living from 1860-1930, on Someone even include a photo... more
                  • nicknamesK.t.K., Thu Sep 28 17:24
                    Warren wouldn't be the only Earp affiliate to receive his nickname at Tombstone. I do have a candidate for who was dispensing the nicknames, but without proof will avoid mentioning his name. I think... more
            • Another Warren QuestionNeil Brown, Tue Sep 19 16:59
              Kenny, do you have the date for Warren's return to Tombstone? Do you know if it was right after Virgil was shot or was he already back in Tombstone sometime after the street fight but before Virgil's ... more
              • Re: Another Warren QuestionK.t.K., Tue Sep 19 19:55
                Warren was headed 'home' from Arizona to Colton on August 20, 1881. There are suspicions about what was going on here, and the cover story regarding "visiting his sick father." Currently he had been... more
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