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Randy King
gambler circuit...
Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:33

I have misplaced my gambler circuit information. Had a map of it. Can anyone post the circuit for me or guild me to where I need to go, thanks.

Randy King

p.s. I have a jpeg what looks like an original Wanted Poster about the OK Corral shooting. It has old phoned go Wyatt, Morgan, Doc and Virgil. If any one cares to have a copy, let me know.

    • Re: gambler circuit...K.t.K., Sat Sep 16 07:22
      Randy, where did such a map come from? Can't remember ever hearing of it. I assume you are referring to Arizona, right? k
      • Gamblers circuit..Randy King, Sat Sep 16 08:00
        Kenny, not just AZ, but into Colorado as well. Leadville, Denver are prime examples. My house is being remodeled, book shelves in a disheveled state. It was noted in a book, which book,totally... more
        • Okay, thanks. If....K.t.K., Sat Sep 16 10:02
          If you happen to find that book with the map let me know. That's one of my favorite topics. Its a fact those guys crossed paths in great numbers at diverse places. k
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