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OK/ on the matter of Williams...
Fri Sep 15, 2017 13:56

Hello Bob,
Well I am as predictable as ever. You must know that I find something suspicious in Mr. Williams' early arrival at Virgil's 'sick bed,' even before the local sheriff got there. Naturally, I can only conclude this guy is a close friend of Virgil's. I cannot imagine, under the circumstances, the ladies of the sick room allowing anyone in without a very good reason and Virgil's approval.
Not to mention he almost got there before Virgil; certainly before Behan.
Though he was not appointed before the shoot-out, by the time he testified, he was in the convenient position of perhaps influencing the direction the Grand Jury might lean toward.
I think he might be very biased and would likely support the marshal with a carefully worded half-truth if need be. I put him on the same level as Spicer.
That's it for the moment,

  • Re: Bob/how very thoughtful....Bob Cash, Wed Sep 13 23:12
    It's no fun getting away with something if you're not watching. Glad you're OK.
    • OK/ on the matter of Williams... — Joyce, Fri Sep 15 13:56
      • But JoyceTom Gaumer, Sun Sep 17 01:09
        Williams is a county employee just like Behan. This was made clear by the Prosecution. Why would he not have the same credibility as Behan? Maybe more considering Behan's prejudices. Keep Laughing Tom
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