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Hey, Eddie...
Fri Sep 15, 2017 14:03

I truly appreciate you fellows caring for us all. Our frequent activity or lack of gives you a way to keep a check on us. That is very considerate.

I regret to say that for some reason I never received the material you sent. I am sorry I didn't watch more carefully, but would appreciate another opportunity.

Consider the pump primed. I am up and running pretty good right now, and probably as difficult as ever.

As for your quotes from Lake, the story-teller, shame on you! You should know there is no record of Ike bragging about anything, certainly not murder...but he does purloin sirloin from the south on occasion and that might allow him to associate with the local outlaws from time to time. let's keep the record straight!!

Best, Joyce

  • Joyce needs a "kick start"Eddie Lanham, Thu Sep 14 04:40
    Bob, I too am concerned. Several weeks ago, I emailed her a story in reference to the Oregon Trail, but no response. Also, several posts on BJs should have warranted a multi paragraph response, but... more
    • Hey, Eddie... — Joyce, Fri Sep 15 14:03
      • Myth MakerEddie Lanham, Fri Sep 15 16:21
        Joyce, That is why I called him the Myth Maker. Maybe I should have used the term Master Myth Maker? You got to admit, he writes a great script for a western movie.
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