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Illinois Kid
Did Behan have any jurisdiction in Tombstone? (nm)
Wed Oct 11, 2017 17:44

    • incidental tidbitsK.t.K., Sun Oct 15 08:25
      By October 1881 Behan had a crew of about six working under him in Tombstone. Under Sheriff, a couple of deputy sheriffs a constable, jailor, and one newly appointed Special Deputy Sheriff Bronk.... more
      • Thanks, Kenny. A question:paul j, Sun Oct 15 09:57
        Was "Tex" Hooker the "Tex" involved in the incident in December 1880 (from Parson's journal) - trying to jump J Reilly's lot by moving his cabin?
        • Paul, I am unaware of Parson'sK.t.K., Sun Oct 15 15:48
          rendering on that account. His name is Augustus S. Hooker, usually found in the papers or traveling around as A. S. Hooker. As I recall you might be the person who gave me his stats recorded on the... more
          • Saturday December 4thpaul j, Sun Oct 15 16:41
            Parsons' Journal records: "A very windy night. The zephyrs are upon us. Considerable excitement. Clark & Gray with a force of working and reputed fighting men or man. "Texas" at head, pulled down... more
            • Thanks again Paul.K.t.K., Mon Oct 16 01:06
              In the Epitaph account of May 25, 1881, regarding the Benson shooting, Hooker is referred to as "a man named Texas." Otherwise he is also called "Tex," I am unaware of anyone else around Tombstone... more
              • Thank you, KtKpaul j, Mon Oct 16 08:01
                That trial business is hilarious!! p
    • Re: Did Behan have any jurisdiction in Tombstone? Wayne Sanderson, Wed Oct 11 21:14
      When John Behan was Cochise County Sheriff, he had law enforcement jurisdiction inside Tombstone city limits. He was technically within his rights and powers to make an arrest for any violation of... more
      • AddendumBob Paul, Thu Oct 12 12:45
        IIRC, Behan was Pima County Deputy Sheriff under Shibell (vice W.S.E.)and was appointed Cochise County Sheriff upon the formation of the new county early in '81. The handling of the "arrest" of... more
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