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Pam Potter's Dave
Thu Nov 9, 2017 11:25

A note to let all Pam's friends in the Old West research and writing genre know that, on October 31, 2017, her husband Dave Potter passed away from a brain tumor. I only met Dave once - at a SASS Convention in Las Vegas - but he was, in my "humble" opinion, a keeper. Pam and Dave's children were with her the next day and have been there for her until this past Tuesday.

Dave's service will be held on November 14. I don't know details, but understand there's a post on Pam's FaceBook site.

Be well, my Friend,

Sharon Cunningham

    • Oh, Pam'S.', Mon Dec 11 07:32
      My heart breaks for you and your family. I've been away in Calif. and Az. and just saw this sad news. I hope you and yours are safe from all the fires. Bless you all. -Shellie
    • Pam and Dave seemed the perfect matchTom Gaumer, Tue Nov 14 09:19
      Pam I'm so sorry for your loss I know having time to prepare for it was helpful and perhaps helps to make the adjustment. When we are told about our grandparents relatives that we can barely remember ... more
    • I am so, so sorry for your lossJohn K., Fri Nov 10 15:35
      Pam, I met Dave that year you brought him to TTR and I liked him. It tears me apart that you'll no longer have him with you, but please know that he always will be by your side. Always. Stay strong.... more
    • Pam's Dave...Joyce Aros, Thu Nov 9 13:30
      Dear Pam, It is so hard to find words of comfort and understanding when you have lost a beloved husband and friend. Nothing can fill that sense of loss and loneliness until time passes and the deep... more
      • Dave and Pampaul j, Fri Nov 10 12:42
        I have not been nearby, but my perception is that both Dave and Pam have faced this tragedy courageously. Pam: now that Dave is gone, I hope that those who are nearby will do what they can to support ... more
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