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Randie O'Neal
Doc Holliday's pain..
Sat Nov 11, 2017 22:34

Some the pictures are off, but I found interesting insights in here.

    • has his use of a cane ever been known?bfrey, Wed Jan 31 09:14
      Do we know what injury would cause him to use a walking stick? Did he use one regularly? I dont recall seeing any other instance of him using a cane prior to the shoot out?
    • Re: Doc Holliday's pain..K.t.K., Sun Nov 12 13:55
      Hi Randie O'Neal. This helps me remember that as a licensed dentist, Holliday was totally familiar with, and could access all the several available forms of pain medications. Morphine and opiate... more
      • Pain Management in the 1800sRandie O'Neal, Sun Nov 12 20:20
        A very good point, KtK. What I found interesting was the info provided by a modern physician about how the two meds of choice (Alcohol and Laudanum) were being dosed. At that point, I don't think one ... more
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