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Lynn R. Bailey
William Hanks Graham pays legal bills
Sun Nov 12, 2017 08:14

To pay his legal bills, Graham sold his right to the Animas Valley acreage (taken up in 1878) to Tombstone magistrate Michael Gray. Just when that transaction took place is not clear. But it happened. Being a member of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Gray maintained an office in Tucson. Sometime during Graham’s sixty-day jail term, the men met and agreed to terms. Gray, who wanted a stake in Arizona’s cattle trade, paid Curly Bill $300 for his “squatter” rights to the meadow in the shadow of Animas Peak. Being unsurveyed land, possession of course was the only title possible, but Gray paid the sum “for the sake of peaceable possession of the land in a country where law officers seldom if ever ventured and self preservation was the only law to follow.” In return William Graham wrote out a guarantee stating “that he would uphold Gray’s rights against all claimants.” Thus, “Curly the Cowboy” signed away his and brother George’s chances of being cattle contractors and participants in the San Carlos cattle trade. It was a loss that really smarted.

    • How pissed-off Grahams react . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Sun Nov 12 15:25
      Cowboy antics intensified following Graham’s release from jail. The first week of January 1881 Bill, brother George, and a few companions, arrived at Charleston. Enraged by Bill’s false arrest,... more
      • Tombstone the MovieEddie Lanham, Mon Nov 13 03:53
        Lynn, The first paragraph in your post somewhat resembles the opening act in the movie Tombstone. I wonder if the writers were familiar with the Graham shenanigans in Charleston? Think about it. RIP... more
      • When indictments were handed down on them . William and George terrorized the town .
    • Re: William Hanks Graham pays legal billsBob Cash, Sun Nov 12 12:43
      "We paid Curly Bill, the rustler, $300 for his squatter claim on the land..." is how Mike Gray's son, John Plesant Gray, described it 50 years after the event in the first part of your quote below..... more
      • Who was sitting in jail?Lynn R. Bailey, Sat Nov 18 07:53
        There is something important--missed by everyone--about the drafting of Graham’s guarantee “that he would uphold Gray’s rights against all claimants.” William Hanks Graham was literate; he could read ... more
        • Re: Who was sitting in jail?Steve Gatto, Tue Nov 21 08:48
          Bill Graham was sitting at the San Simon poll while the real Curly Bill Brocius was sitting in jail. So it does not matter if Bill Graham could write. And while there is no proof that William A.... more
      • Bob: The Ringo/Hill/Clanton . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Sat Nov 18 02:54
        property did not “adjoin” the Graham holdings near Cloverdale Playa. The Graham claim (later the Gray ranch) was approximately fifty miles south and a little east of San Simon Cienega. Since we are... more
        • Re: Bob: The Ringo/Hill/Clanton . . .Steve Gatto, Sat Nov 18 06:49
          Lynn, Perhaps you should read my post again since all I stated was that when I found the Ringo / Clanton land notice in the Grant Count Court Clerk's office in Silver City around 1993 I didn't find... more
      • Re: William Hanks Graham pays legal billsSteve , Fri Nov 17 06:50
        Bob, It is a pretty big leap for someone to argue that William Hanks Graham paid legal bills incurred by Curly Bill with money supposedly given to Curly Bill based on a later recollection without... more
      • Re: William Hanks Graham pays legal billsBob Cash, Sun Nov 12 14:07
        I know I'm peppering you and Robert with questions, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your work. Just like Steve Gatto's research (and some of Tom Gaumer's) made me admit the possibility that... more
        • Re: William Hanks Graham pays legal billsSteve Gatto, Fri Nov 17 06:55
          Bob, I'll agree with most anyone regarding the belief that Curly Bill was not killed by Wyatt Earp. However, I won't agree with a theory that someone was Curly Bill Brocius, when it has been proven... more
          • ....includes the portion subsequent to Curly Bill's release from Tucson incarceration. Buckley alludes to Curly Bill "and his brother" raising havoc in the "mill towns" on San Pedro. I had gathered... more
            • are you still there,,ktk,,,,curlybill, Sat Nov 18 13:20
              was adrift for sometime all I had was a cigar some sardine oil abig bottle of jimbeam,,,It was the jim beam that saved me ...plaque that was in the hall in tombstonr ,,,,did you ever find it,,,,find... more
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