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    • "Col." Tom Jones ChrisP, Sat Jan 13 06:52
      Nice find, Bob. For more of Jones on Earp see;article=164089;search_term=Jones . Robert Haywood has several pages on the Colonel - apparently an... more
    • Interesting article on Wyatt's Referee CareerBob Cash, Mon Jan 8 09:21
      Obvious lie by Sharkey exonerating himself is just one of the interesting things about this article.... more
      • Very nice find Robert.K.t.K., Tue Jan 9 04:59
        This will fit nicely into my fascinating 32-page file on Joe Harvey. Age 40 at the time, Harvey is undoubtedly the man sitting at the desk consoling his crooked referee. By 1896 the Harvey syndicate... more
        • blustery pot calls kettle black 1903K.t.K., Tue Jan 9 06:49
          "Wyatt Earp makes the direct statement that last night's fight at Hazard's pavilion was a fake. After the contest he made the following statement to the Herald reporter: "Tonight's fight was fixed... more
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