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    • More Frink . . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Sat Feb 10 15:03
      . . . By possessory right the McLaurys took up 160 acres in the valley three miles southeast of Soldiers Hole on the east side of the Agua Prieta (White Water Draw of today). It was a superb location ... more
      • J R Frank family triviaPam Potter, Tue Feb 13 14:43
        J R Frink was a Renaissance man, having engaged in almost every profession available in the West. Here is some trivia. J R Frink married Sarah Peacock. His uncle A A Lathrop, my great great... more
        • Dang autocorrectPam Potter, Tue Feb 13 16:15
          That should be "Frink" not Frank.
        • Re: J R Frank family triviaBob Cash, Tue Feb 13 15:12
          Wow, Pam, I guess you were destined to be trapped in Earpiana with no way out. Just think, if the cowboys had won the street fight we could be talking about McLauriana instead.
      • Re: More Frink . . . .Bob Cash, Sat Feb 10 19:18
        Thank you, Lynn.
    • Article in need of a translator. Bob Cash, Fri Feb 9 18:56
      • Re: Article in need of a translator. K.t.K., Sat Feb 10 20:45
        Bob, this Coronado paper is making what might be called a metaphorical report on the recent phony crackdown on gambling houses in San Diego beginning of 1888. The suburb newspaper was evidently... more
        • Thanks, Kenny.Bob Cash, Sat Feb 10 21:00
          I figured you would translate this if you saw it.
          • Furthermore, the man 'Con' ...K.t.K., Mon Feb 12 04:44
            ...was actually W. A. Conn, who worked for Gifford & Earp as all-purpose faro dealer, case-keeper and doorkeeper at their room over the Union Saloon.
          • "...a reputation as wide as the continent..."Bob Cash, Sat Feb 10 21:03
            • "..reputation.."Bob Paul, Sun Feb 11 08:47
              Bob: Whew, what a guy ol' WSE was. Certainly well deserved of the accolades from Santa Rosa folks. I must admit that I was unaware of him being the Wells Fargo "man" with inside knowledge and... more
              • Re: "..reputation.."Bob Cash, Sun Feb 11 14:12
                Bob, I just thought it interesting that an article from as early as 1889 would say that he had a continental wide reputation. I'm sorry if it irritated you. I was actually just trying to irritate... more
                • Earp Newspaper Article from 1889Randie O'Neal, Sun Feb 11 22:08
                  I wonder if Earp himself indicated that he was a "Wells Fargo Detective". There is, of course, sufficient info to indicate that he worked as such, given he rode shotgun for them. So, as for Wells... more
                  • Re: Earp Newspaper Article from 1889Bob Cash, Mon Feb 12 07:58
                    Randie, you asked, "Who have I missed?" in terms of folks verified or rumored to have worked for Wells Fargo in SE Arizona. In the EARP BROTHERS OF TOMBSTONE, Allie Earp is supposed to have related a ... more
                  • Re: Earp Newspaper Article from 1889K.t.K., Mon Feb 12 05:52
                    Wyatt used the term "private man" in relation to Wells Fargo. However, a closer look tells us that Wells Fargo practically couldn't have enough "private men," agents, informants or whatnot. As usual... more
                • No harm, no foul.Bob Paul, Sun Feb 11 19:20
                  Bob, it's all good, no irritability here, amigo. The timing is interesting but the Santa Rosa, CA, location more intriguing. As my late wife, Joy, would assert in such situations------ain't my puppy.
                • #@$%*&!K.t.K., Sun Feb 11 15:51
                  You may have gone overboard on that one, Cash.
                  • Re: #@$%*&!Bon Cash, Mon Feb 12 08:06
                    Mission accomplished (not, however, in the George W. Bush meaning of the term).
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