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Tom Gaumer
Possible false testimony by Virgil Earp in Spicer Hearing
Mon Feb 12, 2018 17:35

and/or incompetence in Prosecution questioning of Mr. Hatch.

This is what someone sent me and I thought someone hear might want to comment on it?

Testimony of Robert S. Hatch, Seventeenth day of November 1881 in the Spicer Hearing on page 176 of the O.K. Corral Inquest by Alfred E. Turner.

“Is questioned on his part in seeing the shooting on Fremont Street.

I was walking down Fremont Street in company with William Soule, jailor and deputy sheriff here, on the 26th of October at about 2 o’clock. I should judge, in the afternoon, and I noticed the three Earp bros. and Doc Holliday in front of me, going down the street. As I got near or a little below the Recorders Office, I saw Mr. Behan come out from near Fly’s Building; the photograph gallery.” (The rest of his answer was about what he saw pre fight also. )

Testimony of Virgil Earp, Nineteenth day of November 1881 in the Spicer Hearing on page 194 of The O.K. Corral Inquest by Alfred E. Turner.

Several men came on Allen Street between Fourth and Fifth ; miner’s whose names I do not know. This was after Ike Clanton’s arrest and before the fight. There was one man in particular who came and said, “Ain’t you liable to have some trouble?” I told him I didn’t know, it looks kind of that way, but couldn’t tell. He said, I seen two more of them just rode in, and he said, “Ike walked up to them and was telling them about you hitting him over the head with a six-shooter.” He said that one of them rode in on a horse [and] said, “Now is our time to make a fight.”
This was after the arm’s of Ike Clanton were retuned to the Grand Hotel.
Just about the time the man was telling me this, Bob Hatch came and beckoned to me, as though he wanted to speak to me, and said, “For God’s sake, hurry down there to the gun shop, for they are all down there, and Wyatt is all alone!. He said, “They are liable to kill him before you get there!”

So Hatch testifies he was walking down Fremont when he saw the Earps in front of him and moving towards Fly’s and Behan and the cowboys.

Virgil says Hatch was telling him Wyatt was in danger at the gun shop on Fourth Street between Allen and Fremont earlier.

The issue is why didn't Hatch mention warning Virgil about what Hatch saw at the gun shop as part of what he knew about the pre fight goings on. Also why didn't the Prosecution call Hatch back to ask him about Virgil's placing him on Allen after Virgil testified to that a day or so later.

What do you think?
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    • He wasn't askedJerry Prather, Tue Feb 13 07:24
      From what appears in Turner's Inquest, Hatch was asked only about what he saw that related to the gunfight. What he witnessed walking behind the Earps on Fremont till shortly after the shooting... more
      • Jerry He says Behan proceeded down to Fly's in front of the Earp's and out of Hatch's sight when Behan went around the corner of Fly's. If I understand that right, Hatch is saying Behan went right... more
        • After the Spicer hearing closed down for the day, Will McLaury went straightaway to write to his sister about the day's developments. Regarding Hatch's testimony. Mclaury told her that he thought the ... more
          • That is differentTom Gaumer, Wed Feb 14 11:58
            Ktk A McLaury brother and attorney suggesting a witness he perceived as pro-Earp was afraid to go all out for the Earps and his fears are not holy (wholly or is this a god thing?) groundless. See Bob ... more
            • " (wholly or is this a god thing?) "K.t.K., Sun Feb 18 08:23
              You hit the nail on the head Gaumer. There is never enough God in those dang courtrooms. Although in Spicer's Hearing there was plenty of potential to cover it six-ways-from-Sunday. They had at least ... more
        • Behan sez, Hatch sezJerry Prather, Tue Feb 13 15:43
          Tom, Hatch must be describing the period during the gunfight when Behan said he did not remain in one position, but "moved around pretty lively". Behan never states how he got from Fremont Street to... more
          • I think Hatch was gone into the butcher shop whenTom Gaumer, Wed Feb 14 11:37
            Jerry Behan said he "moved around pretty lively." While Behan is dodging the question he does say he was never in any alley. I think the reference to an alley by the defense meant to imply Behan had... more
            • P. S.Tom Gaumer, Wed Feb 14 11:41
              Suppose Hatch were recalled and said what Virgil said he did about the Wyatt being alone at the gun shop and subject to being killed by the cowboys. That would be another witness to the hostility of... more
          • Re: Behan sez, Hatch sezBob Cash, Wed Feb 14 08:22
            To me, Bob Hatch's testimony is some of the strongest in support of the defense. If he had testified in a way that upheld all of Wyatt's and Virgils's statements on the beginning of the fight, as... more
            • Like W R McLpaul j, Sat Feb 17 18:21
              Bob - Your first paragraph is an echo of Will McLaury's letter of Nov 17th. Here's the problem - embedded in his letter also: Hatch lived in town. He could be intimidated ... McLaury hints that he... more
              • Re: Like W R McLBob Cash, Wed Feb 21 14:07
                Paul, I agree that Billy could have been perceived by Hatch "as standing even if he were leaning back against the wall of the Harwood cabin." I think Hatch's standing remark "standing" remark is not... more
            • Missing Joyce. Joyce, please come home. (nm)Bob Cash, Wed Feb 14 08:24
              • Bob/stop whining!Joyce..., Wed Feb 14 13:48
                I cannot imagine why you would miss me when I almost never agree with you, but if you miss the constant conflict, then I suppose I will have to jump in from time to time. I hope I don't drive you to... more
                • Re: Bob/stop whining!Bob Cash, Tue Feb 20 12:58
                  Joyce, you ask: "So did Hatch really approach Virgil in this hysterical manner or was Virgil using his crayons again to colour things up?" While I agree with you that Virg seemed to"color thins up" a ... more
                  • Bob/ you should know...Joyce..., Tue Feb 20 14:43
                    ...that my brain never freezes. It does get over heated from trying to deal with SOME people who really try my patience. I am glad you recognize that Virgil is a kid with crayons. However, I think... more
                • Re: Bob/stop whining!Bob Cash, Thu Feb 15 13:27
                  Joyce, I wrote a response yesterday that was about 7 paragraphs long saying how truly happy I was that you were posting again and destroying your analysis of Bob Hatch's and Virgil Earp's exchange... more
                  • no Problem!Joyce..., Thu Feb 15 16:22
                    Bob, I am so pleased you did not make your wife wait supper. That would be inconsiderate. And if you have something to contradict my analysis of Hatch's experience, well great! I am sure it will be... more
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