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Behan Interview
Fri May 11, 2018 09:36

Did Behan give more than one interview after the Tombstone years? I see in one interview carried by the san francisco call he described the Earp/Cowboy fight as a fight over money that wasn't divided properly over the stage robberies.

Was he still carrying on with "sour grapes" from those years to make this statement? Also did his son, Albert ever give a interview?

    • Behan on Spicer as being "seen" K.t.K., Fri May 11 11:11
      Don't know about any Albert P. Behan interview. But the one with Johnny in 1897 in the S.F. Call is a reprint form the Washington Post when Johnny was staying at the Riggs Hotel. Behan is not the... more
      • KtK - Spicer In the Epitath December 18, 188`Larry in WA, Fri May 11 12:53
        “It is but just to myself that I should here assert that neither directly or indirectly was I ever approached in the interest of the defendants, them or for them. Not so the prosecution - in the... more
        • Larry, to claify my point...K.t.K., Fri May 11 14:10
          ....I am thinking the surmise is in Behan's own quote in 1897: "They were hauled up before a Justice of the Peace for a preliminary hearing, but he was probably "seen," and after a long examination... more
          • KtK - Behan was a character for sure (nm)Larry in WA, Fri May 11 15:08
            • Was he EVER.K.t.K., Sat May 12 04:00
              Corruption charges aside, one doesn't become a deputy sheriff, under sheriff and sheriff in multiple counties without having plenty of "sand." Long on diplomacy, when it came time to act, Behan did... more
              • Re: Was he EVER.Bob Casdh, Sat May 12 08:54
                It seems that where the Earps were concerned Johnny acted out of character. Before Tombstone there is an incident where he disarmed multiple drunken soldiers when he himself was unarmed. After... more
                • EVER he was.K.t.K., Sat May 12 10:46
                  Under the circumstances I think Johnny's timidity in dealing with Wyatt & posse (March 1882) was calculated as the right thing to do in that moment. Those were dangerous fighting men. But who did... more
                • BoB Cash Re: Behan Character Larry in WA, Sat May 12 10:35
                  Behan’s character traits: 1) divorced for marital infidelity with prostitutes and wives of friends. 2) saloon keeper 3) member of the 10% ring - graft and corruption in assessing and collecting taxes ... more
              • behan testimonyLarry in WA, Sat May 12 05:31
                His testimony as was Ike's is certainly confused. And like most of the time and place, was not above self interest.
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