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Larry in WA
Character - What is the expert concensus ....
Sat May 12, 2018 15:06

What is the expert consensus of the character of the men of the Dodge City Peace Commission as a group:


Seems like it always comes down to the economics and everyone making money.

    • Gotta agree, Larry. When some of the most famous and dangerous gunmen/gamblers in the West gather in one place to ensure one of their brethern is afforded the right to have prostitutes in his place... more
      • not so fast, Mr. CashK.t.K., Sun May 13 16:52
        We got real "character" here: "They speak of Mr. Harris being a man without character and that he is living in an open state of adultery with a prostitute, which is an infamous lie, and I will... more
    • Larry, it also comes down to....K.t.K., Sat May 12 16:48
      ....loyalties among the fraternity brethren. Petillion excluded, although he provided a needed governmental service and was thus embraced by the gamblers to be included in the photo. (But there were... more
      • Loyalties among fraternity brethren...Larry in WA, Sun May 13 04:46
        That is what Spicer is saying when he understands why Virgil selects Wyatt, Doc and Morgan to accompany him to disarm the cow boys. When the times get tough you need people around you that you can... more
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