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Bob Cash
Re: Buckley / one wonders....
Thu May 17, 2018 11:00

It is a pleasure to have a person on this board who knows exactly what the terrain was at Peg Leg Wilson's cabin, how it would have effected Ike's horse and how it should have influenced Ike's decision as to what to do. Will Barnes, in CATTLE, says that Brighton was tasked by the Cattlemen's association with getting rid of rustlers by any means necessary. I'm still not convinced that Brighton didn't shoot Ike on sight, especially, as you point out, he was threatening Brighton in much the same way he was threatening the Earps on October 26th.

  • Re: Buckley / one wonders....Robert Buckley, Fri May 11 18:36
    Joyce , yes , if Ike would have gone for his pistol instead of his rifle , he could have bought himself a split second of time . Ike’ best chance for survival at this point would be to make a stand... more
    • Re: Buckley / one wonders.... — Bob Cash, Thu May 17 11:00
      • Re: Buckley / one wonders....Robert Buckley, Fri May 18 10:18
        Bob , I wish Ike would have left the Territory for Joyce’s sake when the indictments came down . As you know , the Graham brothers left the Territory for a short time when the indictments came down . ... more
    • Robert/playing for time?Joyce..., Mon May 14 08:11
      Well, something changed in their relationship as they seemed to be on friendly terms before. That area is forested and most cabins and habitats would have been in clearings as well as most had roads... more
      • Wet Prong Creek was the road to Peg- Leg’s CabinRobert Buckley, Mon May 14 12:41
        Joyce , Wet Prong Creek that ran off Eagle Creek was the road to Peg Leg’s cabin . You take a goat trail north off of the Wet Prong Creek to get to the remnants of the cabin and Ike’s grave . Peg... more
        • Underground DNA tests?Tom Gaumer, Mon May 14 16:41
          Roberrt I have read about away to drill down in a burial site to get DNA for a test. This is supposed to make the process easier and cheaper as no digging up of the body is necessary. Do you know is... more
          • Underground DNA TestsRandie O'Neal, Sat May 19 21:32
            Apart from having utility in finding Ike's final resting place, I think it would also be worthwhile in using this to Curly Bill too. We've all likely seen the suggested locations of his grave, near... more
            • Grave locatingEddie Lanham, Mon May 21 07:27
              Randie, I am a little reluctant to send this, as one might think I am into Voo-Doo. Have you attempted to locate graves using the dowsing method? An experienced dowser can locate graves, tell you the ... more
          • Re: Underground DNA tests?Bob Cash, Thu May 17 11:07
            "I have read about away to drill down in a burial site to get DNA for a test." Tom, that would still constitute disturbing a grave, which is against the law in most states, including Arizona. If you... more
            • However I think it is possibleTom Gaumer, Sat May 19 17:03
              Bob One reputed way is with the permission of a relative. there are several of those about. Another way is to declare the underground DNA test not disturbing the grave. This is probably not difficult ... more
          • Re: Underground DNA test ?Robert Buckley, Mon May 14 17:10
            Tom, I don’t know anything about an underground DNA test . From what I understand, Terry Clanton tried to get the grave moved to Tombstone, but the State of Arizona said no . I personally think it... more
        • Robert/thank you....Joyce..., Mon May 14 13:32
          Hi Robert, Thank you for all that fascinating information. I used to live up in the White Mountains and we would go exploring in some of those areas. Years ago I never knerw anything about Ike... more
          • Re: Robert/thank you....Bob Cash, Thu May 17 11:26
            Joyce, as you know I am somewhat suspicious of Brighton's story that he fired at Ike in response to Ike going for his rifle. However, if that is what actually happened, I can see a rationale for Ike... more
          • Pistol vs RifleBen Harleman, Wed May 16 21:38
            These are the questions I love, because sometimes the logic isn't evident without all the context. I would offer that the rifle choice may not be as key as the positioning choice. If Brighton was... more
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