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Bob Cash
Re: Robert/thank you....
Thu May 17, 2018 11:26

Joyce, as you know I am somewhat suspicious of Brighton's story that he fired at Ike in response to Ike going for his rifle. However, if that is what actually happened, I can see a rationale for Ike doing so. Ike didn't know how large the posse was that Brighton had brought with him and maybe, in that split second, he intended to dismount and felt it best that he secure the rifle so that he would have that weapon, in addition to his pistol, so that he would have enough ammunition to deal with the threat without reloading. Pure speculation.

  • Robert/thank you....Joyce..., Mon May 14 13:32
    Hi Robert, Thank you for all that fascinating information. I used to live up in the White Mountains and we would go exploring in some of those areas. Years ago I never knerw anything about Ike... more
    • Re: Robert/thank you.... — Bob Cash, Thu May 17 11:26
    • Pistol vs RifleBen Harleman, Wed May 16 21:38
      These are the questions I love, because sometimes the logic isn't evident without all the context. I would offer that the rifle choice may not be as key as the positioning choice. If Brighton was... more
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