Stage attack
Thu Jun 14, 2018 07:03


There was an attack on the stage Clum was on December 14, 1881, 2 weeks after the hearing ended.

They yelled "hold" then shot into the horses killing one of the leaders.

Whistling Dick, driving a following, empty wagon was shot in the leg.

The stage wasn't carrying a treasure box, and had no guard. The "robbers" didn't follow the stage, to rob it, or the passengers, even though it had to stop after a bit to cut out the dying leader. Curious behavior for robbers who had just shot at the horses to do just that.

Clum left the stage, walked to a mine, borrowed a horse, and rode on to the train to continue his journey.

The Nugget thought it was all great fun, making fun of Clum running through the night.

The Epitaph not so much.

Another example of how divided the town, and county was. The shooting up of a stage, killing of a beautiful animal, and the wounding of a man was just an excuse to score points against your rivals.

Sounds all too familiar.


  • The matter of the threats..Randie O'Neal, Wed Jun 13 21:15
    Gail, A good point concerning the threats via letter to most of the principals. Wasn't there also an attempt made on Clum's life on the stage between Tombstone and Benson?
    • Stage attack — gka500, Thu Jun 14 07:03
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