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The election and Virgil's job
Thu Jun 14, 2018 09:14


But the hearing DIDN'T find that the Chief of Police pressed a fight when it was unnecessary, and the grand jury DIDN'T indict them. And there was a lot more violence between the hearing and the election, and not of the Earps making.

I don't agree that the most recent and worst publicity was the Fremont Street fight.

Since the hearing ended:
Threatening letters had been sent, not only to the participants of the street fight, but to the Mayor/editor of the Epitaph, hearing Judge, defence lawyer, and leader of the Easterners in the so call gamblers war. So anyone opposing one side (the cowboy side) was being threatened with violence. It wasn't the Earps doing this. It was intimidation plain and simple. Spicer in his letter claims the prosecution was the side questioning even his friends to see if he could be bribed, not the defence.

The stage carrying out going Mayor Clum was attacked December 14, 1881. THAT got plenty of publicity, and Behan was also reported as unable to stop this from happening. That certainly didn't do anything for the towns image. The Mayor having to flee bandits, and the sheriff reported to be unable to do anything, not a good look.

Then two weeks later Deputy U.S. Marshal Virgil Earp shot down in the street, with two city cops right there who did nothing, not even help the man get help. That is not a good look. It speaks far more of the cowardice, and apathy of the people involved than it does of voters attitudes.

No Earps were running for office. Clum wasn't running for office.

Virgil was lying in bed fighting for his life when the election happened. He wasn't on the ballot. He couldn't be on the ballot.

The voters wanted it done. A pox on both.

We maybe obsessed with the street fight on Fremont, but the people of Tombstone wanted to get passed it.

It wasn't the voters who decided not to rehire, or hire VWE it was the common council.

They decided to throw VWE under the bus, to use a modern term.

My point is that it wasn't about VWE and his brothers. It was about publicity, political expediency, the townsite issue, city fiscal issues, and not just the Earps.

And just as we can't say why someone voted now, you can not say why people voted the way they did then.

After all, on January 24, 1882 after Judge Stilwell issued federal warrants, the new mayor Carr publicly requested the public assist the posse if requested. The newly elected, (supposedly anti Earp?) Mayor Carr.

So the issue is far more complex than pro Earp/Anti Earp. Everything is not just about the Earps (as much as I think it should be LOL), or the street fight. THAT was the political hook used to pummel their political enemies by the opposition newspapers. It had very little or nothing to do with the Earps. It was a political talking point to stir up the base to put it in modern terms (but certainly an old, old political practice).

The election was about the future of their city, and their finances.

Of course everyone will have to make up their own minds, who elses mind would you make up? LOL

It's a good thing none of us are easily intimidated, or convinced. Where would we get so much fun going on about long dead people and issues. LOL


  • I'm sure your lost post was a classic. LOLTom Gaumer, Wed Jun 13 03:04
    Gail You said in your last line, "They wanted the bad publicity to stop as it messed with their money." I agree. The most recent and worst bad publicity was a Chief of Police unable to prevent fatal... more
    • The election and Virgil's job — gka500, Thu Jun 14 09:14
    • What might stir up the voters?gka500, Wed Jun 13 03:28
      Tom, Perhaps the assassination attempt on the out going mayor, and the assassination attempt and near killing of Virgil Earp. In other words, the murderous cowboy attacks on people they associated... more
      • What might stir up the voters?Michael Fearnehough, Wed Jun 13 04:06
        Last was a lollapalooza from the DLO ... especially on Clum ... may I proffer one sincere LOL?
        • DLO Clumgka500, Wed Jun 13 04:55
          Michael, I'm not sure what else you would call it. An attempted robbery by the most incompetent stage robbers in Cochise County? They yell "hold", shoot into the stage team, killing a horse, and just ... more
          • Re: DLO ClumMichael Fearnehough, Wed Jun 13 06:17
            Gail ... some Irishman said "The English and the Americans are two peoples divided by a common language" ... maybe it's just me being obtuse so as not to provoke the ire of others here present ... I... more
            • Michael/ Clumgka500, Wed Jun 13 08:51
              Ineed Michael, I do understand that two peoples reference. My BFF is from London. She's been here for 35 years, but still has her British accent. We occassionally translate American/English for each... more
              • Michael/ ClumMichael Fearnehough, Wed Jun 13 09:21
                Gail ... must stop meeting like this ... me writing in code at the bottom of threads so as to pass unnoticed on this forum ... you apologising unnecessarily (twice) ... I was only commending your... more
                • Books, books, booksgka500, Wed Jun 13 09:51
                  Michael, I will try to keep in mind that you are British in future, and keep a look out for irony and British polite LOL. Keep in mind I'm a New Yorker, (from the city too) and tend to be extremely... more
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