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Elections and re elections
Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:27


At least I think it was you, I find the answer/quote somewhat confusing as to who is saying what.

That said, I have expressed my self in this subject enough, but one statement in this post is incorrect.

"I believe he had lost two prior elections for Marshal of Chief of Police in Tombstone."

No, Virgil only lost one election for Chief of Police.

November 1879, Fred White won running against Daniel S. Miller - 107/64.
They had a rematch in January 17, 1880 same outcome - 113/101.

On October 1880 Fred White was shot, he died from this wound. Virgil was appointed acting marshal until a special election could be held.

Special Election held on November 12, 1880. Originally there were three men running, James Flynn, Virgil Earp, and Ben Sippy. A week prior Flynn dropped out. Sippy won the election 311/259.

Sippy stood for reelection on January 4, 1881 against Howard K. Lee. Sippy won 556/125.

Virgil Earp was NOT a candidate for office in this election. No Earp was.

The next possible election was the January 3, 1882 election. Virgil was fighting for his life, having been shot down from ambush six days before the election.

No Earp was on the ballot.


  • Benjamin Harleman Re-election Tue Jun 12, 2018 15:37 In answer to the question of if this choice against Virgil shows that the people had a big disagreement with Spicer, I have to say it ... more
    • Elections and re elections — gka500, Thu Jun 14 11:27
      • Lots of info from you ThanksTom Gaumer, Thu Jul 5 05:24
        Gail Virgil then lost one election, showing he did not have the support of the voters He was appointed twice I think. Once after White was murdered by Curly Bill and again when Sippy left town. Being ... more
        • VWEs lost electiongka500, Fri Jul 6 08:31
          Tom, That VWE "lost one election, showing he did not have the support of the voters", is really very misleading. You know the situation in November 1880 was far more complex than that. As I know you... more
      • Re: Elections and re electionsBen Harleman , Thu Jun 14 15:28
        Hi Gail, Ben Harleman here (in case it posts me as anonymous). Sorry for any confusion I might have added. I've also used quotes, and come up as anonymous. It can get muddy after a bit. -Ben
        • Confusiongka500, Thu Jun 14 15:54
          Hi Ben, I think it's me. Sometimes the quotes just get me confused as to who said what LOL Sort of like that old Abbott and Costello act. Who's on first, what's on second and I don't know's on third. ... more
    • Hi Tom, thank you for the response. When I say that I absolutely think it does not show that the people had a big disagreement with Spicer, it is the same as when I say that that there is not... more
      • Howdy Ben I composed a long careful response to you. As soon as I pushed "post reply", the whole thing was deleted in an instant. So here is a short version that might not be deleted.. I think we... more
        • Lost wordsBen Harleman , Thu Jun 14 15:49
          I share your frustration and I don't think it's just you, it's happened to me also and I know the aggravation. I think sometimes the internet isn't the delivering savior we think it is and we end up... more
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