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Mrs King and who said what
Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:52


Yep Mrs. King said the Earp on the outside said "Let them have it" and Holiday said "Alright".

But it is your assumption that that was Virgil. Mrs. King couldn't say which Earp it was. And Mrs King didn't hang around listening. She became frightened and ran back into the shop, and saw nothing of the fight.

There were several other witness right there in Baur's the same as Mrs. King, James Kehoe was also in the doorway of Baur's, he didn't report that conversation of the Earp's.

Hatch and Soule were walking down Fremont behind the Earp's. Hatch didn't report that conversation, and Soule wasn't even asked about see the fight and he was a deputy sheriff. Hatch also said the Earps were in the middle of the street not 2 feet from the building as King reported.

Do you really think ANY law enforcement officer is going to call on vigilantes in order to disarm 4 men? Really? How long do you think they would have their job if they did that?

Sorry but that idea is just impossible for me to credit.

Spicer also said Virgil need the men he took there.

Known fact 3 dead.
Known fact 3 officers wounded by those 3 dead men.
Known fact at least 1 of those 3 dead men refused to give up his arms, and that to Behan, his friend.

If it was unnecessary and irresponsible the Earp's would have been charged with it, or a lesser charge, but they weren't.

Known fact they weren't charged with anything, nor indicted by the grand jury.

Known fact the cowboys were in a lot next to Fly's boarding house where Doc lived, and where Ike had come looking for him that morning with a rifle. So they knew where they were.

Known fact the cowboy's wagon was in the West End corral one block west of where they stopped next to Doc's rooming house. If they were leaving town why not go there? They could keep there guns in a corral.

Known fact the cowboys were armed with at least 2 pistols and 2 rifles on their horses. They refused to give up their arms to Behan.

This is not the cut and dry situation you present.


  • Soory Pat I missed your postearlierTom Gaumer, Wed Jun 13 19:16
    Pat There is a witness who said one of the Earp brothers said "Let them Have it." That is evidence That was probably Virgil but the name of that person doesn't matter. It can be Morgan or Wyatt if... more
    • Mrs King and who said what — gka500, Thu Jun 14 12:52
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