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Kodos to Gail Allen. Thank You.
Thu Jun 21, 2018 17:15

I just noticed at the bottom of page that a month ago you had satisfied my query about W.E. & Dick Clark vs Behan & Freeze' faro bank. My main problem is I have waaaaaay too many files. Seeing the name "Fries" I opened the Willard A. Freeze file and bingo - there was part of what you had provided in the post below. There was a snippet from Lake, and also from Frank Waters, which was practically verbatim to Lake.
It all stands to good reason because in fact, W.A. Freeze had been appointed by Rickabaugh as full manager of the Oriental Club Rooms - as per a few Epitaph issues mid-1881.

Incidentally, as a Black Hills buff Freeze was initially tracked from 1876 at Custer City, then 50 miles over to Deadwood, and by 1878 he was well established and running the Freeze & Rhodebank Saloon up at Central City, a few miles from Deadwood, although both places having about equal population and significance.

This is the same Freeze spoken of by Fred Dodge, in absolute accuracy, as coming from Deadwood with J. A. "Deadwood Scotty" Scott about October 1, 1880. Whereas Fred dodge was leery of both, Scotty engaged in the gamblers war, attacking faro banks, but most significantly tangling with "Shotgun" Collins multiple times. Freeze took the savvy political and social route, climbing the ladder behind the scenes, ultimately becoming a big cheese in the Oriental. He knew Rickabaugh from when the latter and wife had visited Deadwood and Central in 1878.

Lastly, it was Allie Earp who showed most concern that Wyatt had not put "Fries" up on the suspect list for the murder of Morgan. She alluded that Morg and Freeze/Fries had a verbal confrontation, whenever the Earps were kicked out of the Oriental, Freeze then taking over Morgan's faro bank.

Thanks again, remembering this was all about a fledgling Dick Clark file.

    • Re: Kodos to Gail Allen. Thank You.Peter Love, Fri Jun 22 00:56
      Kenny So who is the “John Doe”Freeze who the jurors charged? It doesn’t sound like he was a well known man by this, yet was supposed to be a German called Frederick Bode. Strange German name. He... more
      • ….born 1849 in Germany, occupation "Teamster." William [sic Willard] A. Freeze appeared on the 1880 Central City census born 1853 in New Brunswick; occupation "Gambler." The mix-up in identities was... more
        • Kenny Thanks, didn’t know that. A gambler, of course! But the books say that Rickabaugh was an associate of Wyatt, and he had been one of his bondsmen during the hearing. You would not think he would ... more
          • Peter Love please reveal....K.t.K., Sun Jun 24 17:27
            ..... the substance of Anton Mazzanovich dropping Mrs. Rickabaugh’s name as somebody who could provide information. I'm completely in the dark about this. I need this in the Rickabaugh file, which... more
            • Re: Peter Love please reveal....Peter Love, Sun Jun 24 22:38
              Kenny It is in the second article in “Historical Articles” on this site. Of all the names he could have come up with...something must have made him think she would know some secrets about the Earps... more
              • Okay, thanks PeterK.t.K., Mon Jun 25 14:07
                Oh, Heck Yeah, Emma Howe would have known something. She's the one who knew all the ins and outs with the Lucky Baldwin prostitute scandal, in which trial held at Los Angeles Emma was a key witness.... more
    • K.t.K you're welcome (nm)gka500, Thu Jun 21 22:07
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