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Wayne Sanderson
Re: Aurilla Earp article in the WWHA Journal
Sat Jun 23, 2018 19:44

Virgilís situation was different. He marched away to war, and when he returned she and her whole family had moved west. She was apparently led to believe Virgil was dead. If that was the case and he knew that, she didnít betray him, and he would have had no cause to shame her publicly or resent her privately.

If Aurilla did indeed desert Wyatt and steal public funds in his trust on the way out the door, he would have suffered a personal betrayl as well as a professional disgrace, reasons that together might cause him to drop a curtain of silence over that whole episode in his life.

This idea of Wyatt searching for Aurilla opens an interesting idea about the alleged horse theft in OK as well, if that episode was part of his search for her. Maybe they were his horses, taken by Aurilla, sold by her improperly and he was simply recouping them. As I said in the original post, this is all speculative, but it does open up a host of possibilities...

  • Re: Aurilla Earp article in the WWHA JournalBen Harleman, Sat Jun 23 16:51
    The question that comes to mind from all of this, which I agree is thought provoking, is if a runaway wife would be enough to prompt such a tight-lipped nature? And I'm sincerely asking, because I... more
    • Re: Aurilla Earp article in the WWHA Journal — Wayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 23 19:44
      • Aurilla Earp PhotosEddie Lanham, Mon Jun 25 03:44
        Does anyone know if these pictures of her have been documented?
        • fake photosJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jun 25 21:26
          All photos posted online by Paul Butler and Blue Brown are fakes. I'm not even sure if those names they use are real.
      • Wayne, there are a few things you are not understanding in regards to the Cherokee Nations episode. About 85 miles down the trail out of Missouri into Indian Nations was located a settlement called... more
        • Kenny, like almost all of your posts, this was very enlightening. However, I am a little confused that you never mention the announced subject of the post, "Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla... more
          • Oh, you must mean Rozella DrageauK.t.K., Mon Jun 25 12:48
            :<) Oh, I forgot how many spellings there are. Anyway, Wayne above had mentioned Virgil's first wife from Pella, Iowa. My heading was meant as a quick reminder that the Dutch girl didn't factor... more
      • Re: Aurilla Earp article in the WWHA JournalBen Harleman, Sat Jun 23 21:12
        Those are the mitigating factors, and with clear differences to be sure, but while I do agree that the lack of info and reporting about her death is intriguing, I'm not sure I agree that it's enough... more
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