Ben Harleman
As always...
Sat Jun 23, 2018 20:34

... a lot of great information. Lee Silva, when reviewing the Lamar and horse thief episodes, also made a bit of a case that the town originally charged Wyatt but later seemed to not pursue it when they had the chance. I'm not in town with my books so I can't look it up to recall exactly what he had to say, but if I remember correct he did make an interesting case there.

I don't have a point to argue one way or the other here, but do you recall Silva's views and do you think there's new information to add to this? I do believe he came away with the leaning that the town didn't feel it important to pursue Wyatt by, I believe, that summer.

I don't want to speculate too much, because if I'm misrepresenting one great researcher to another great researcher then, as always, I'd like to be corrected. But I do find the topic curious and open.


  • "town didnít prosecute Wyatt Earp" (?)K.t.K., Sat Jun 23 19:35
    People fly the coop so that they cannot be prosecuted. That's what Wyatt did. "Behind closed doors" doesn't quite match with the document records. They wanted his hind-end badly. He and his dad both... more
    • As always... — Ben Harleman, Sat Jun 23 20:34
      • Re: As always...K.t.K., Sun Jun 24 16:58
        Ben, Silva did a lot of speculating also - which we all have the right to do. But he did admit that Wyatt fled Lamar, just the same as did Nicholas. Choosing not to pursue a suspect who has fled had... more
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