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Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla Dragoo
Sat Jun 23, 2018 21:21

Wayne, there are a few things you are not understanding in regards to the Cherokee Nations episode.
About 85 miles down the trail out of Missouri into Indian Nations was located a settlement called Keystown, near Keys Spring, spawned by Keys Ranch. Hiram, James and William Keys ran this place. Keystown was located about twenty miles due east from Fort Gibson, near the present-day little town of Keys, Ok. About nine miles on the west side of Fort Gibson was an Indian agency, which just in 1870 had grown enough to be named Muskogee. Like all communities near an Army Fort, Muskogee was filling with frontier riff-raff. In 1871 there were unemployed, leftover soldiers added to the scene. Loose women were a natural biproduct. The late researcher Ed. Bartholomew believed that Wyatt was gambling in Muskogee after fleeing Lamar. It may have been at Muskogee or Keystown that Earp and Ed Kennedy looked to obtain better horses for their hack, for the return trip to Baxter Springs, Kansas. Loose-living couple John and Anna Shown had another agenda. Whereas John Shown may have been pimping his Anna at Muskogee, despite her claiming matrimony with him - known for certain is that a lot of drinking and carousing transpired amongst the four.

Otherwise, it appeared that Earp and Kennedy were in the market for upgrading the animals hitched to their hack. Ultimately two fine mares were spotted - owned by the Keys, William and James. On about March 27 (not long after the final warrant against Wyatt was generated up in Lamar) it was decided the mares, priced at $200, were worth taking. Shown (and likely his gal), Earp and Kennedy evidently traced the animals to Keys Ranch where the grab would be made. Next day, the four were all together with both sets of horses along the Arkansas River near Fort Gibson. In an affidavit signed later by Anna Shown appeared one version detailing the crime:

"I know Wyatt Earp and Ed Kennedy. They got my husband drunk near Fort Gibson, I.T., about the 28th of March 1871. The went and got Mr. Jim Key's horses, and put my husband on one and led the other, and told him to ride fifty miles towards Kansas and then they would hitch the horse to a wagon, and he could ride. I went with these two men and met my husband 50 miles north of Fort Gibson, and rode with these two men in a hack. On meeting my husband they took the two horses out of the hack and put in the two he had. Earp drove on towards Kansas for three full nights (We laid over days). About three o'clock [a.m.] of the third night James M. Keys overtook us. My husband John Shown said he could have the horses - the other left. Earp and Kennedy told Keys that my husband stole the horses. They also said that if Shown turned state's evidence then they would kill him."

The full citizen posse who caught horse thieves Earp, Shown and Kennedy, was made up of Jim and Hiram Keys, James Jones, George Francis and Nelson Floursburg. Run of the mill Earp buffs have no idea how fortunate were Earp, Kennedy and Shown, for not getting lynched, and forever forgotten.

Just one week before, in an article entitled "-THE EVILS OF THE LYNCH LAW -" one horse thief was hung at Chetopa, Kansas, and two more five miles southwest of Baxter Springs. That posse numbered twenty men.

  • Re: Aurilla Earp article in the WWHA JournalWayne Sanderson, Sat Jun 23 19:44
    Virgilís situation was different. He marched away to war, and when he returned she and her whole family had moved west. She was apparently led to believe Virgil was dead. If that was the case and he... more
    • Aurilla Earp PhotosEddie Lanham, Mon Jun 25 03:44
      Does anyone know if these pictures of her have been documented?
      • fake photosJohn Boessenecker, Mon Jun 25 21:26
        All photos posted online by Paul Butler and Blue Brown are fakes. I'm not even sure if those names they use are real.
    • Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla Dragoo — K.t.K., Sat Jun 23 21:21
      • Kenny, like almost all of your posts, this was very enlightening. However, I am a little confused that you never mention the announced subject of the post, "Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla... more
        • Oh, you must mean Rozella DrageauK.t.K., Mon Jun 25 12:48
          :<) Oh, I forgot how many spellings there are. Anyway, Wayne above had mentioned Virgil's first wife from Pella, Iowa. My heading was meant as a quick reminder that the Dutch girl didn't factor... more
    • Re: Aurilla Earp article in the WWHA JournalBen Harleman, Sat Jun 23 21:12
      Those are the mitigating factors, and with clear differences to be sure, but while I do agree that the lack of info and reporting about her death is intriguing, I'm not sure I agree that it's enough... more
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