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Sun Jun 24, 2018 16:58

Silva did a lot of speculating also - which we all have the right to do. But he did admit that Wyatt fled Lamar, just the same as did Nicholas.
Choosing not to pursue a suspect who has fled had to be a cost consideration. Silva never touched on this. Perhaps Barton County coffers could not support such a pursuit, which would cost far more than the price of the crime.

Silva also lacked the knowledge about the big jailbreak from Van Buren, Ark. Lee was under the assumption that Nick bailed Wyatt out on a $500 bond.
Another thing never mentioned - outside of my Morgan Earp tome - is that it was considered virtually impossible for Shown and Wyatt to make a clean getaway after the jailbreak. They HAD to have outside help, just like the Perry brothers also needed assistance from friends. All the successful escapees required assistance to avoid recapture.

Now we are talking a Federal offence regarding the jailbreak, since the prosecution was to be done in a United States District Court. Thus the Federal Deputy Marshals went on the hunt.

Had Lee Silva understood the full measure of criminality of not only Wyatt, but Virgil and James Earp, and the other two, which has only come to light in recent years, his take on the Indian Nations incidents had to have been different, in my view, for what little I associated with Lee. But he's not nearly as bad as certain Earp apologists, who continue to turn blind eyes against rock solid evidence in the multiples, proving Wyatt's criminal bent, especially in San Francisco with the proven fixed fight of 1896.

Added to this: When Lee was going to press with his large tome that we both enjoy, he just then circa 2002 learned some rudimentary information about Wyatt pimping in Peoria. He touches on it so very briefly in an Appendix No. 5 added last minute.
Had Lee known everything about that; or even Jimmy Earp's outlawry in Montana, a tiny portion of which is mentioned in the papers online (Only the Deer Lodge jailbreak), it could have added to his basic understanding of Wyatt and the brothers in the whole.
Not to mention Virgil Earp's three arrests in Council Bluffs alone, and the fact of his spending time in Pottawattamie County Jail, with significant violence on his part also recorded.
It pains me to see when speculation goes to whitewash, especially when considering Wyatt's aggregate of 17 arrests lifetime, found so far.
Virgil 10.
James 10.
Warren 8.
Morgan 6.

I never got to share any of this info with Lee Silva. In perhaps my last phone conversation with him, I did share a particular new find which was an arrest of Wyatt. Not sure how he would receive it, I wrongly felt the need to preface it with - "I hope this doesn't bother you, Lee, but....."
He replied with something like: "Oh no, that doesn't bother me at all. I'm glad to learn it." So I took it to mean he was sincere.

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