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Peter Love please reveal....
Sun Jun 24, 2018 17:27

..... the substance of Anton Mazzanovich dropping Mrs. Rickabaugh’s name as somebody who could provide information. I'm completely in the dark about this.
I need this in the Rickabaugh file, which includes his wife, or the one Emma Howe, who he supposedly married in early '86 in Arizona.

Sure, Rickabaugh and Wyatt were associates, so long as they were both in the same financial scheme. Things certainly changed in that regard. I think Freeze made his move to the forefront, taking charge of the entire plush upstairs portion having the club rooms.
Morgan may have kicked up more of a fuss than we know. I think he was a lot like me - rarely seeing the big picture but focusing on the small.
As cold as it sounds, insiders (to include Wyatt) may have realized Morg brought things on himself. How else do we explain that, after the vendetta cooled, all of a sudden the fully implicated Pete Spence is not pursued any more? Court shenanigans went on for a couple weeks and Pete gets released.

  • Kenny Thanks, didn’t know that. A gambler, of course! But the books say that Rickabaugh was an associate of Wyatt, and he had been one of his bondsmen during the hearing. You would not think he would ... more
    • Peter Love please reveal.... — K.t.K., Sun Jun 24 17:27
      • Re: Peter Love please reveal....Peter Love, Sun Jun 24 22:38
        Kenny It is in the second article in “Historical Articles” on this site. Of all the names he could have come up with...something must have made him think she would know some secrets about the Earps... more
        • Okay, thanks PeterK.t.K., Mon Jun 25 14:07
          Oh, Heck Yeah, Emma Howe would have known something. She's the one who knew all the ins and outs with the Lucky Baldwin prostitute scandal, in which trial held at Los Angeles Emma was a key witness.... more
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