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Re: Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla Dragoo
Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:35

Kenny, like almost all of your posts, this was very enlightening. However, I am a little confused that you never mention the announced subject of the post, "Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla Dragoo". I am very interested if you have any info on her.

  • Wayne, there are a few things you are not understanding in regards to the Cherokee Nations episode. About 85 miles down the trail out of Missouri into Indian Nations was located a settlement called... more
    • Re: Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla Dragoo — Anonymous, Mon Jun 25 11:35
      • Oh, you must mean Rozella DrageauK.t.K., Mon Jun 25 12:48
        :<) Oh, I forgot how many spellings there are. Anyway, Wayne above had mentioned Virgil's first wife from Pella, Iowa. My heading was meant as a quick reminder that the Dutch girl didn't factor... more
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