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Oh, you must mean Rozella Drageau
Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:48

:<) Oh, I forgot how many spellings there are.
Anyway, Wayne above had mentioned Virgil's first wife from Pella, Iowa. My heading was meant as a quick reminder that the Dutch girl didn't factor into Lamar. There Virgil had married "Rosa Earp" as she was enumerated on the Census.

Actually I'm flat broke on what's-her-name Rosilla. Before the article in question, I had the big bright theory that both wives of Wyatt and Vergil had succumbed the "typhoid epidemic." That would rap it up so cleanly, in my own writing project. But no, Pete McArdle had to go and trounce my slick theory, by revealing some rock solid contemporary evidence that there was no "epidemic" of any kind that killed one single person.
But I'm very grateful to learn that. Back to the drawing board.
Pray tell, what do you think happened to Rozella?

  • Kenny, like almost all of your posts, this was very enlightening. However, I am a little confused that you never mention the announced subject of the post, "Virgil's second wife at Lamar - Rozilla... more
    • Oh, you must mean Rozella Drageau — K.t.K., Mon Jun 25 12:48
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