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Okay, thanks Peter
Mon Jun 25, 2018 14:07

Oh, Heck Yeah, Emma Howe would have known something. She's the one who knew all the ins and outs with the Lucky Baldwin prostitute scandal, in which trial held at Los Angeles Emma was a key witness. This was in February '86. Virgil and Nick also were subpoenaed up from Colton. Nick made a fool of himself on the stand, and when Virgil was on the stand he gave up his little brother Warren in a most embarrassing manner. In reference to a different prostitute earlier in 1883 at Colton, Virge says: "I had a brother {Warren} that used to sleep with her. He told me so."

Back to Emma Howe Rickabaugh. What Anton Mazzanovich said about her seems to shed more light on a mysterious situation happening three months after Morg was killed. Morg had a loyal friend from Miles City - John Archer - who followed Morg all the way down to Tombstone. Someone who liked Morg that much must have been hurt like a brother over the assassination. He was referred to as Jack Archer by Stuart Lake, when witnessing the Johnny-Behind-The- Deuce affair. His true name was John Bond Archer hailing from England, just like that other "Bond."
Here's the deal, which I think shows that Archer was still brooding in grief:

"Last night about ten o'clock, a ruffian named John Archer entered the Oriental saloon and grossly insulted the pianist. Mr. Dean [houseman} ordered the fellow to go out, which he refused to do and force was resorted to. Archer struggled violently and fell as he got out the front door. The policeman came up at that time and both men were arrested and taken to the city jail. While the officers were making a light, Archer again made a violent attack on Mr. Dean, struck him a heavy blow over the eye, inflicting an ugly wound. The officers had to handle the fellow roughly to make him desist, and he was finally placed in the cooler. [Epitaph - June 17, 1882]

The pianist was Miss Emma Howe, imported by Rickabaugh from San Francisco. E. B. Gage escorted her down on the train in November 3, 1881. She wasn't in town more than two days when the Nugget described her multiple talents:

"And when a man losses his last chip his troubled soul may be calmed by the soothing strains of sweet music, or for that matter, by the sweeter smiles of the fair performer who dishes out the music by handfuls at the Oriental."
[Nugget - November 6, 1881]

So Emma had been with Rickabaugh for over seven months when Jack Archer busted in and insulted her at the keyboard. More interesting is that nary a word is mentioned in the courts afterwards. No consequences were reported. Who got the charges dropped? Was it Rickabaugh out of some feeling of empathy made him vouch for Archer? Did he implore his houseman Fred Dean to drop the charges? Next we know Archer is working and gambling down at Benson. Finally in October '82 we find "J. Archer" at Colton, Cal., where Morg happens to be buried, and where he could visit Earp family members.

It is always women who hold the deepest secrets.

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    Kenny It is in the second article in “Historical Articles” on this site. Of all the names he could have come up with...something must have made him think she would know some secrets about the Earps... more
    • Okay, thanks Peter — K.t.K., Mon Jun 25 14:07
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