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Lynn R. Bailey
Curly was “a perfect gentleman. . . .”
Sun Jul 1, 2018 08:25

“He came often to eat at the [Cosmopolitan] boarding house in camp [Galeyville],” recalled Dora Wessels. “One time the Company gave a dance; when everything was in full swing who should enter but Curly Bill with a half dozen other cowboys all dressed up for the occasion. They walked in, took off their hats and seated themselves like gentlemen would do. Everyone looked wild-eyed and wondered what next would happen. When the dances were called on the floor, Curly Bill walked over to the Floor Manager and asked if they would be allowed to dance. My husband [Samuel] was standing nearby. I looked at him when Curly asked me for the dance and my husband nodded his head for me to dance with him. I was a little shaky but we had a nice dance together. In a little while they left and everyone felt more at ease.” (Dora Wessels Sturmguist, “When the Cowboys Ruled Galeyville,” Frontier Times, Vol. 24, August-September 1966, pp. 53-54.)

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