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Lynn/somewhat refreshing!...
Sun Jul 1, 2018 18:48

Everyone has their moments. Thank you, Lynn.

  • Curly was “a perfect gentleman. . . .”Lynn R. Bailey, Sun Jul 1 08:25
    “He came often to eat at the [Cosmopolitan] boarding house in camp [Galeyville],” recalled Dora Wessels. “One time the Company gave a dance; when everything was in full swing who should enter but... more
    • Curly Bill handwriting samplesE.P.Carpenter, Sat Aug 25 09:39
      During his time in Cochise County, did Curly Bill ever execute any deeds, fill out voter reg forms or otherwise leave any samples of handwriting that one can look at/copy off today? There is a fellow ... more
    • Naked dancingAnonymous, Mon Jul 2 06:34
      How about the time time Bill went to the dance and made everyone strip naked . That was certainly a perfect gentlemanly act1
    • Lynn/somewhat refreshing!... — Joyce..., Sun Jul 1 18:48
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