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Lynn, I have a good comparison with Brooks of Montana infamy
Tue Jul 3, 2018 12:08

….and with whom Morgan Earp became intimate:

"My guide was Jim Brooks, a gambler, and a man of many good parts and many bad ones, too. He is sort of a conglomerate of the soft and rough elements of human nature - a man who would break the last crust with a stranger, or cut a throat to revenge the wrong to a fiend...….
"We....entered a hurdy house on another street. Before we scarcely got in we were invited to dance by a rather prepossessing looking girl who was sitting on the lap of a bruiser and smoking a cigar. Brooks accepted her "kind invitation" and danced as though his life depended upon the violence of his emotions...….I asked him why....suggesting it was contrary to the rules of dancing.
"Hell," said he, "that's your down East puritanical style; this is the Mountain style. You can get just as tired by dancing one set in our style as you can by loafing though thousand of yours."

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