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Peter Love
Not dream
Tue Jul 3, 2018 18:55


Yes that was in an interview with Virgil. I will try and find it.

  • Did I dream this?Bob Cash, Tue Jul 3 15:44
    In my deteriorating memory banks is recollection of either me or somebody else posting an interview with Colton Marshal Virgil Earp about a suspicious death in which Virg opines that the death in... more
    • Not dream — Peter Love, Tue Jul 3 18:55
      • Thanks, PeterBob Cash, Wed Jul 4 18:39
        I had thought I had seen it on the California Digital Newspapers site, but can't find it there or on Chronicling America.
        • HerePeter Love, Thu Jul 5 16:18
 Should be on this page, Bob, the one I was talking about.
          • Re: HereBob Cash, Thu Jul 5 18:53
            Thank you Peter. That's the one. It's been driving me crazy, trying to find it. Interesting that he assumes Ringo was a victim of homicide and that he tries to suggest that Ringo was engaged in some... more
        • Re: Thanks, PeterPeter Love, Wed Jul 4 20:52
          Bob The one I saw was from Chronicling America but I cannot reopen it on old iPad. Maybe a search in archives here might find it. However, we might be talking about different articles. This one was... more
          • Covering tracksBen Harleman, Thu Jul 5 11:09
            This is what I had always thought of it, and caused me lean towards some sort of suspicious play going on. It's the same method that Black Bart used when robbing stages in Northern California. He... more
            • Re: Covering tracksK.t.K., Thu Jul 5 15:57
              What with Ringo's premonition of death, it must have been pretty scary if he knew Buckskin Frank was closing in on him. Billy Claiborne said: "Frank Leslie murdered John Ringo. I helped him carry... more
              • Re: Covering tracksBob Cash, Thu Jul 5 18:48
                Kenny, your response to this?... more
                • Not Bill Lutley K.t.K., Fri Jul 6 14:13
                  M. Dworkin wrote that the inquest jury members never mentioned Ringo. But I fail to see any relevance to that. They did establish that Claiborne accused Frank Leslie of being a murderer. Although he... more
                  • Re: Not Bill Lutley Peter Love, Sat Jul 7 05:52
                    K Iím reading the latest book on Buksmith Frank Leslie, and of course it covers this. They donít think he shot Ringo. The book raised some interesting points.
                    • This wouldn't be the first time....K.t.K., Sat Jul 7 14:30
                      Ö.DeMattos and Parsons fell flat on their faces. But don't tell the WWHA political butt-kissers. The treatment they gave Charley Storms in the Luke Short book was pathetic. And I mean pathetic.... more
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