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Tom Gaumer
Re: Aurilla Earp article in WWHA
Tue Jul 10, 2018 17:16

Howdy Gail
The general story about Wyatt has been he sold his and Urilla's house in early Nov. of 1870 and moved on. There are no missing editions of the South West Missourian before that period, according to McArdle. The first one after that time was December 1 of 1870 when, according to McArdle, the paper did not have an edition that day. The only other one is on January 19,1871 which would be past her supposed time of death and near when Wyatt was sued and left town to avoid the charges and after the time it was suggested Urilla died.

All the confused stories by Earp relatives agreed Urilla died and was buried in the area. None suggested she had not died and lived on. So the stories passed down to them through the family seemed to have agreed on her death in Lamar.

Also in the August 2013 WWHA Journal in another article about Aurilla's fate, Mr. Mc Ardle said this. "Sources for the Death of Aurilla Earp,

Most of the published information regarding Wyatt Earp's first marriage and the early death of his bride comes from certain descendnts of Wyatt's uncle, Jonathan Douglas Earp. In Chronological order these descendant are: Walter Marvin Earp(son), George Washington Earp(son), Everette Earp(grandson), Brian Cecil Earp(grandson), and Reba Earp Young (great granddaughter). [That is 5 Earp related sources] Further sources are three local residents of Barton County: Fay James Lee, "Pete Thomas, and Greg Harris." Fay lee was grandson of Sarah Howell and the former caretaker of Howell cemetery. Mr. Lee told the current caretaker, Vesta Winchell, he had known Aurilla was buried there all his life. Pete Thomas (1904-2005) was an old time resident and son of the village blacksmith in Milford where Howell cemetery is located. Greg Harris(1959-)is reported to have informed Glenn Boyer(?) that his grandfather had told him Aurilla died during childbirth and is buried with her stillborn child in Howell Cemetery. He is also said to have told Mr. Boyer(?) that his great grandfather had actually attended the funeral and the baby was placed in the coffin in his dead mothers arms." This last one was proven wrong by several census reports. Barton County Historical Society says the East Cemetery was the only one in Lamar in 1870. But this from Mr. McArdle, "The only cemetery in Lamar in 1870 was the East Cemetery. Consequently the East Cemetery would seem to be the most likely burial place for Aurilla. The question is why would Wyatt choose the Howell Cemetery near Milford to bury his wife? The current caretaker of the Howell Cemetery, Vesta Winchell, was interviewed by historian Lee Silva. She stated: Urilla Sutherland Earp is buried in grave number X, in aisle 14, at Howell Cemetery."

So. lots of sources that she died and was buried in the area of Lamar, Reasons to doubt each one but how to explain all of them??

Information she died elsewhere = Zero.

In addition Mr. McArdle uses a long discredited source about Celia Blaylock being married to an E. C. Davis on January 1, 1878 in Kansas. The story implies Wyatt Earp might be E. C. Davis. The author has since admitted that he no longer believes that as Mr. McArdle states. But Mr. McArdle still discusses it as a possibility

That's 8, eight, even if telling a family story who are in the area to hear such stories, plus one who maintained the cemetery and all agree Aurilla died and was buried there, even though disagreeing on the burial place and details like sex of the baby, date of death, cause of death or how much dust was in Wyatt's belly button when he left town.

Still not one single hint of anything that even suggests Aurilla's presence anywhere after her reported death in Lamar.

Hmm? what is most likely?

A good idea but How do we find out what the Sutherlands might have had to say about this?

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  • Aurilla Earp article in WWHAgka500, Mon Jul 9 21:32
    Tom (and Wayne) Mr. McArdle was speculating intending to encourage more research into Aurilla's death. I agree with Tom that there is no evidence either of her death, or her living on beyond 1870.... more
    • Re: Aurilla Earp article in WWHA — Tom Gaumer, Tue Jul 10 17:16
      • Aurilla's possible survivalgka500, Wed Jul 11 22:08
        Tom, Wow excellent review of the evidence on Aurilla Sutherland Earp. To make my position clear, I don't think it at all likely that Aurilla survived past 1870. However, think it would be good if... more
        • It looks like we agree on everythingTom Gaumer, Fri Jul 13 15:55
          Gail I just got an email telling me about this Aurilla factoid. It should make the answer pretty clear about Aurilla's fate. It won't seal the case but reasonable people should be able to put it to... more
          • Aurilla factoidgka500, Fri Jul 13 16:03
            Tom, I would never expect you to jump the gun on announcing a new find. That, of course, belongs to the finder. I just hope, once announced, I assume at the WWHA meeting, you or someone else will... more
      • Hard at work...Ben Harleman , Tue Jul 10 19:40
        Tom, I am currently at work tenaciously tracking down credible sources to confirm the dust levels contained in Wyatt's belly button. Watch for a riveting article in the next joutnal. Seriously... more
      • Surprise coming about AurillaTom Gaumer, Tue Jul 10 18:13
        Gail and all There is one more source of information that I just heard about and Mr. McArdle apparently did not find. It might settle the question of when Aurilla Sutherland died. Stay tuned to the... more
        • Re: Surprise coming about AurillaErik, Wed Jul 25 17:22
          Hey Tom, When is this discussion panel getting together in Springfield, MO? Will it be recorded? Very interesting thread, y'all! Thanks, Tom.
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