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Aurilla's possible survival
Wed Jul 11, 2018 22:08


Wow excellent review of the evidence on Aurilla Sutherland Earp.

To make my position clear, I don't think it at all likely that Aurilla survived past 1870. However, think it would be good if more research could find additional evidence on the issue. Personally I think she died in child birth between the September census and the sale of the house in November. But that is speculation, and you know my opinion on that LOL

I mentioned the lack of newspaper survival because the Lamar Democrat which published during 1870 and might have contained information we would all love to know, has no surviving copies until 1883.

I too thought the Wyatt is E.C. Davis idea extremely far fetched. Wyatt didn't use any alias in Illinois, Kansas or even in Colorado after Tombstone. Why would he use one for a marriage license? It doesn't make any sense. On a factual level, McArdle is incorrect about not needing a divorce to dissolve a common law marriage. In those states that recognize common law marriage, and Kansas is one, once the marriage is recognized you need a divorce to dissolve it just as you do a ceremonial marriage.

As for finding out what the Sutherland's thought about Aurilla's fate, well just as people checked on Earps, Hollidays and other families, they can look for surviving Sutherlands. Just a thought. Maybe they have some old trunk with letters or a diary, or some family stories to tell.

I was able to find out quite a bit about my fathers imprisonment in a prisoner of war camp in WWII by corresponding with the wife of the grandson on one of the crewmen of his plane. We exchanged family letters, photos and articles. I was surprised what we found.

I will not be able to attend the WWHA meeting this summer. I hope you are attending with Tom. You MUST tell us all about this big news you've told us about Aurilla. You can't just drop a bomb like that and not tell. LOL


  • Re: Aurilla Earp article in WWHATom Gaumer, Tue Jul 10 17:16
    Howdy Gail The general story about Wyatt has been he sold his and Urilla's house in early Nov. of 1870 and moved on. There are no missing editions of the South West Missourian before that period,... more
    • Aurilla's possible survival — gka500, Wed Jul 11 22:08
      • It looks like we agree on everythingTom Gaumer, Fri Jul 13 15:55
        Gail I just got an email telling me about this Aurilla factoid. It should make the answer pretty clear about Aurilla's fate. It won't seal the case but reasonable people should be able to put it to... more
        • Aurilla factoidgka500, Fri Jul 13 16:03
          Tom, I would never expect you to jump the gun on announcing a new find. That, of course, belongs to the finder. I just hope, once announced, I assume at the WWHA meeting, you or someone else will... more
    • Hard at work...Ben Harleman , Tue Jul 10 19:40
      Tom, I am currently at work tenaciously tracking down credible sources to confirm the dust levels contained in Wyatt's belly button. Watch for a riveting article in the next joutnal. Seriously... more
    • Surprise coming about AurillaTom Gaumer, Tue Jul 10 18:13
      Gail and all There is one more source of information that I just heard about and Mr. McArdle apparently did not find. It might settle the question of when Aurilla Sutherland died. Stay tuned to the... more
      • Re: Surprise coming about AurillaErik, Wed Jul 25 17:22
        Hey Tom, When is this discussion panel getting together in Springfield, MO? Will it be recorded? Very interesting thread, y'all! Thanks, Tom.
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