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Bob Cash
W. A. Freeze
Tue Jul 17, 2018 19:29

Kenny, if W. A. Freeze had anything to do with Morgan Earp's death, do you think Wyatt would have been in partnership with him in a game run out the a hotel room in Dutch Harbor, Alaska in 1900?

    • May we rephraze the question?K.t.K., Wed Jul 18 08:17
      If Wyatt 'thought' Freeze had anything to do with Morgan Earp's death, my answer would be yes anyway. Its all about money. Eighteen years bygone. Keeping in mind the big difference between the few... more
      • Re: May we rephraze the question?Bob Cash, Mon Jul 23 19:56
        First off, I don't believe Wyatt ever stopped believing Pete Spence was involved. At the time he wrote the letter to Burns stating that he didn't think Pete had anything to do with Morg's killing... more
        • Thanks Bob - appreciate it.K.t.K., Tue Jul 24 14:24
          I'm sure Wyatt liked the idea of partnering with such a successful politician as W. A. Freeze was in Arizona. Before Phoenix Freeze had been associated with Morris Goldwater in Prescott (1890) in the ... more
          • Re: Thanks Bob - appreciate it.Bob Cash, Tue Jul 24 19:23
            The only reason I am not disclosing the source is that, like so many of my "discoveries", on further research I found out another researcher had found this material a year ago and I have not gotten... more
          • Unless it was John H. BenbrookK.t.K., Tue Jul 24 16:06
            He was the Benbrook brother most recently involved in Salt Lake sporting industry. I learn that Freeze actually went up with both Benbrook brothers, together on the steam-ship "Ohio." No mention of... more
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