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Daniekl Buck
Re: More fake photos
Mon Jul 23, 2018 13:36

The Tasmanian Doc & Kate phoots were bruited about on THDF and Texas By God back in 2009. Jerry Lobdill, Richard Weddle, and I were among the bruiters. (I think John Bullock might have joined in as well.) I'm not sure either forum's search function goes back that far, however.

There's this, online from 2009:

My last emails on the subject, with Bullock and others, were also in 2009. I gather the subject is back in the news, make that the Australian news, as of earlier this month:

In my opinion, Bullock's Holliday photo looks nothing like him. Dan

  • More fake photosLinda Wommack, Mon Jul 23 11:46
    Does anyone know the background of a John Bullock who claims to have photos of Doc and Kate from Transmania, of all places?
    • Re: More fake photos — Daniekl Buck, Mon Jul 23 13:36
      • RE: More Fake Photos - To Dan Buck's pointLinda Wommack, Tue Jul 24 07:50
        The author of the article that Dan Buck referenced - has posted it on her facebook page touting her "ten years" of research!
        • RE: More Fake Photos - To Dan Buck's pointDaniel Buck, Tue Jul 24 07:56
          A key phrase in the tale: "One night, according to Bullock, he had an epiphany that caused him to sit bolt upright in bed." For most of us, that happens when we think we forgot to lock the front door.
      • Even Kate's bio is convoluted.K.t.K., Mon Jul 23 17:09
        "She took the Captain's name and, under the name of Kate Fisher, entered a convent school in St. Louis, graduating in 1869." Sounds good, and fits with the Catholic Convent chronology for St. Louis... more
      • Interesting.Bob Paul, Mon Jul 23 16:55
        The Trinidad, CO, sourcing is interesting. Several years ago I was in Pueblo, CO, looking for info on the RHP, JHH, and Masterson adventure in 1882 and, as I was leaving the Historical Society... more
      • More Fake PhotosLinda Wommack, Mon Jul 23 14:06
        Thank you Dan. The second article reads as a duplicate of the first. Fake history nevertheless.
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