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Daniel Buck
Re: location, location, location....
Wed Jul 25, 2018 03:20

Exactly, the Nat Geo/Fox recruited facial recognition expert Kent Gibson said it was an 80% match it was Billy but that he would deny it was Billy in court, that is, under oath. The two statements together make no sense.

I asked him what he meant; he did not reply.

The 80% remark, by the way means nothing, though it has a certain algorithmic abracadabra quality to it. OMG, 80%!

What does it really mean? Unclear. Someone has fiddled with the dials to come up with that number? Meaning what? The questioned photo looks more like Billy than 80% of the images in the data base? Meaning out of 1,000 images, the questioned photo and 200 others look like Billy? Useless information.

Second, the data points on the questioned photo line up with 80% of the data points on the the authentic Billy, Dedrick Billy? So what. First, the computer is comparing two seriously low resolution images. Second, it means 20% of the data points do not line up.

Third, is it a prediction, that there is an 80% probability that the questioned photo is Billy. How so? Does the computer have a ouija board, the latest version Ouija 10?

Another person associated with the croquet-Billy team asserted that the pixel level of the tintype did not meet federal rules of evidence standards, thus the denial comment.

That is utter nonsense for two reasons. First, there is no federal rule of evidence re the pixel level, or resolution generally, of photographs. The judge determines what evidence is admitted. A fuzzy, shadowy photo can be admitted if the judge determines that it has probative value. A sharp, crystal clear photo can be rejected if it has no probative value to the case at hand.

Second, even if such a pixel rule existed, and the judge allowed the photo in evidence anyway, the expert witness would not testify a denial that the photo depicted whomever, he would testify that the resolution was so low that he could not make an informed opinion one way or another. In other words, an out and out denial requires the witness to say he can clearly see who is not in the photo.

It's best to look at these television programs not as documentaries but as entertainments, somewhere between Housewives of New Jersey and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The latter is a favorite of mine, though I normally watch it with the sound off. Dan

  • location, location, location....Erik, Tue Jul 24 20:16
    The facial recognition expert said it was considered a match being over 80% match. Then he said he'd deny it in court. I don't see how any points could be matched as "Billy" in the photo's face is... more
    • 80% ain't what it used to beDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 25 05:14
      Erik, found this quiote ths morning, from the 4 November 2017 Daily Press, Victorville California:... more
      • Billy the Kid Mystery Solved!???Jerry Prather, Sun Jul 29 12:06
        For some reason, this popped up on my screen while I was looking at YouTube this morning. Since I had 15 minutes and 53 seconds to waste, I watched it. 100% of 80% of 60%, or whatever it is, will... more
        • High NoonPam Potter, Tue Jul 31 10:58
          I have been to a few of the High Noon Auctions but not sure which years. I was there in 2015 or 16. There was a guy set up with some pictures that we all walked by rolling our eyes. Because someone... more
          • At High NoonJerry, Wed Aug 1 05:32
            Hello Pam, I have only been to the High Noon event twice. Last time about a year and a half ago. I think you and Dan are correct that the photo was on display in a booth there and was not for sale in ... more
        • Re: Billy the Kid Mystery Solved!???Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 29 13:49
          Jerry. Thanks. I think I saw that image some time ago, but I do not recall the circumstances. Marc Geyer, the narrator and perhaps agent/seller for the photo's owner, is a tad misleading in dropping... more
    • Re: location, location, location.... — Daniel Buck, Wed Jul 25 03:20
      • Dan, You are a man of many words.Eddie Lanham, Thu Jul 26 14:00
        Dan, In the last 5 years, I have only seen one recently discovered photo that somewhat resembled a Old West character. You know which one I am referring to, and that is between you and I.... more
        • truth about HoffaK.t.K., Thu Jul 26 20:33
          American contract hit-man Richard Kuklinski, while rotting away in prison, was finally approached by an interviewer in regards to what Kuklinski might know about the demise of Hoffa. Richard said he... more
          • Re: truth about HoffaSteve Gatto, Fri Jul 27 07:16
            Jimmy Hoffa was buried in a secluded location in Michigan. A Hoffa associate took myself and a friend to the location around 10 years ago after the individual was released from federal prison. My... more
            • Thanks GattoAnonymous, Fri Jul 27 10:27
              I was wondering if you had thoughts on what Hoffa's driver had to say?
              • Re: Thanks GattoSteve Gatto, Fri Jul 27 13:45
                The driver may have heard some comment and took that to mean that was where Hoffa was buried (in the foundation) of the building. However, based on what the Hoffa associate that lived on Rolland... more
              • Hoffa driver is me (nm)K.t.K., Fri Jul 27 10:29
                • I always knew you were that kind of personTom Gaumer, Tue Aug 7 16:16
                  KtK especially after you told me of the guy you pushed of the telephone tower for one of your barbequed potato chips dipped in chocolate milk.
          • That was almost not even humorous.Erik, Thu Jul 26 23:25
            Kornfer? Kansas Kenny? I've had enough of you insulting me after posts go down 10 pages. You got something to say, say it out front. You want to meet me? Step outside.
        • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Daniel Buck, Thu Jul 26 18:58
          Eddie, yes, it's a sad fact that 99% of these wannabe photos are bogus. The Amelia Earhart image was an even more egregious example because the resolution was so bad one could not tell the gender or... more
          • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Erik, Thu Jul 26 23:06
            ????? I didn't see that. Is this presented as some kind of evidence after she disappeared? To put something out like that, without impeccable, verifiable research? A downright disregard for their... more
            • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Daniel Buck, Fri Jul 27 03:28
              Erik, It's television, in this case, the History Channel. History as clickbait. There will never be a television program titled "Local Man Buys $5 Tintype, Not Billy the Kid, Still Worth $5." The... more
      • algorithm shmalgorithmErik Hewitt, Wed Jul 25 11:37
        Thanks Dan, When I saw the 80% match, I initially thought, "Well, it's not him." I assumed it would have to be 100%. Silly me. LOL!
        • Re: algorithm shmalgorithmDaniel Buck, Thu Jul 26 14:46
          Erik, Hre's what you get at 80% with Amazon Rekognition: Of course arresting... more
          • Howdy Dan! And a SIGNIFICANT discovery was made! Well, not really. It's interesting how... more
            • Deconstructing the BeatlesDan Brown, Wed Aug 22 14:13
              Have you seen this series of films:
            • Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today.Daniel Buck, Tue Jul 31 05:14
              Erik, These stories are fascinating, and this one might well have something, tho they normally just present the discoverer's point of view. The red team has not yet to be heard from. I recall, from... more
              • Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today.Erik Hewitt, Tue Jul 31 23:09
                Yes, I agree about talented writers. "I've Just Seen a Face" is a good example of a Paul song that would fall into the Lennon model they set up. Trying to think of a Lennon song that would fit the... more
          • Re: algorithm shmalgorithmErik, Thu Jul 26 23:16
            Likely guilty of something anyway... I'd also posit a McCarthy sweep though the whole damned system.
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