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Wed Jul 25, 2018 05:18

Okay but, I'm offering details for clarification.
James Earp and his "wife" headed up about two weeks behind Wyatt and Sadie. They were among 251 passengers on the steamer 'Charles D. Lane' which began at San Francisco, arriving Seattle May 28. At Seattle 100 more persons climbed aboard and departed June 2, 1900, finally arriving at Cape Nome June 21. Incidentally, on board were a large number of women, to include a bevy of unattached females all registering as "Miss" so and so. The girls seemed to be under charge of Grace Vroom, a.k.a. Mrs. Grace Anderson - "the woman who was arrested for shooting her husband because he would persist in paying attention to Miss Maud Morrell."

I think one of Wyatt's saloons in Nome had a brothel upstairs. Here is an interesting tidbit from October 1900:
"But everybody gambles in Nome, women as recklessly as men... A dollar is worth about as much as a dime in Denver. Milk costs $1 a quart; tomatoes $1 a-piece, and everything else is proportionately high in price."
[Daily Alaska Dispatch - Oct. 18, 1900]

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