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Eddie Lanham
Dan, You are a man of many words.
Thu Jul 26, 2018 14:00

Dan, In the last 5 years, I have only seen one recently discovered photo that somewhat resembled a Old West character. You know which one I am referring to, and that is between you and I. Location-location-location---or not.

I know your all-time favorite... the rear shot of Amelia sitting on the dock of the bay in the Marshall Islands made the History Channel prime time. Seems the HC needs to spend more time documenting their "hit and miss" research findings. You and I know that will not happen as long as they can rake in the gullible viewing public. Reminds me of back when Geraldo Rivera was hunting for Jimmy Hoffa. That wall contained no Jimmy, and Geraldo failed. Personally, I am sure Jimmy was abducted by short fat aliens from way out yonder, as was Elvis and Ike Clanton.
PS: You missed a really informative WWHA meeting. Maybe next year in WY...

  • Re: location, location, location....Daniel Buck, Wed Jul 25 03:20
    Erik, Exactly, the Nat Geo/Fox recruited facial recognition expert Kent Gibson said it was an 80% match it was Billy but that he would deny it was Billy in court, that is, under oath. The two... more
    • Dan, You are a man of many words. — Eddie Lanham, Thu Jul 26 14:00
      • truth about HoffaK.t.K., Thu Jul 26 20:33
        American contract hit-man Richard Kuklinski, while rotting away in prison, was finally approached by an interviewer in regards to what Kuklinski might know about the demise of Hoffa. Richard said he... more
        • Re: truth about HoffaSteve Gatto, Fri Jul 27 07:16
          Jimmy Hoffa was buried in a secluded location in Michigan. A Hoffa associate took myself and a friend to the location around 10 years ago after the individual was released from federal prison. My... more
          • Thanks GattoAnonymous, Fri Jul 27 10:27
            I was wondering if you had thoughts on what Hoffa's driver had to say?
            • Re: Thanks GattoSteve Gatto, Fri Jul 27 13:45
              The driver may have heard some comment and took that to mean that was where Hoffa was buried (in the foundation) of the building. However, based on what the Hoffa associate that lived on Rolland... more
            • Hoffa driver is me (nm)K.t.K., Fri Jul 27 10:29
              • I always knew you were that kind of personTom Gaumer, Tue Aug 7 16:16
                KtK especially after you told me of the guy you pushed of the telephone tower for one of your barbequed potato chips dipped in chocolate milk.
        • That was almost not even humorous.Erik, Thu Jul 26 23:25
          Kornfer? Kansas Kenny? I've had enough of you insulting me after posts go down 10 pages. You got something to say, say it out front. You want to meet me? Step outside.
      • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Daniel Buck, Thu Jul 26 18:58
        Eddie, yes, it's a sad fact that 99% of these wannabe photos are bogus. The Amelia Earhart image was an even more egregious example because the resolution was so bad one could not tell the gender or... more
        • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Erik, Thu Jul 26 23:06
          ????? I didn't see that. Is this presented as some kind of evidence after she disappeared? To put something out like that, without impeccable, verifiable research? A downright disregard for their... more
          • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Daniel Buck, Fri Jul 27 03:28
            Erik, It's television, in this case, the History Channel. History as clickbait. There will never be a television program titled "Local Man Buys $5 Tintype, Not Billy the Kid, Still Worth $5." The... more
    • algorithm shmalgorithmErik Hewitt, Wed Jul 25 11:37
      Thanks Dan, When I saw the 80% match, I initially thought, "Well, it's not him." I assumed it would have to be 100%. Silly me. LOL!
      • Re: algorithm shmalgorithmDaniel Buck, Thu Jul 26 14:46
        Erik, Hre's what you get at 80% with Amazon Rekognition: Of course arresting... more
        • Howdy Dan! And a SIGNIFICANT discovery was made! Well, not really. It's interesting how... more
          • Deconstructing the BeatlesDan Brown, Wed Aug 22 14:13
            Have you seen this series of films:
          • Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today.Daniel Buck, Tue Jul 31 05:14
            Erik, These stories are fascinating, and this one might well have something, tho they normally just present the discoverer's point of view. The red team has not yet to be heard from. I recall, from... more
            • Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today.Erik Hewitt, Tue Jul 31 23:09
              Yes, I agree about talented writers. "I've Just Seen a Face" is a good example of a Paul song that would fall into the Lennon model they set up. Trying to think of a Lennon song that would fit the... more
        • Re: algorithm shmalgorithmErik, Thu Jul 26 23:16
          Likely guilty of something anyway... I'd also posit a McCarthy sweep though the whole damned system.
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