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That was almost not even humorous.
Thu Jul 26, 2018 23:25

Kornfer? Kansas Kenny?

I've had enough of you insulting me after posts go down 10 pages.

You got something to say, say it out front.

You want to meet me? Step outside.

  • truth about HoffaK.t.K., Thu Jul 26 20:33
    American contract hit-man Richard Kuklinski, while rotting away in prison, was finally approached by an interviewer in regards to what Kuklinski might know about the demise of Hoffa. Richard said he... more
    • Re: truth about HoffaSteve Gatto, Fri Jul 27 07:16
      Jimmy Hoffa was buried in a secluded location in Michigan. A Hoffa associate took myself and a friend to the location around 10 years ago after the individual was released from federal prison. My... more
      • Thanks GattoAnonymous, Fri Jul 27 10:27
        I was wondering if you had thoughts on what Hoffa's driver had to say?
        • Re: Thanks GattoSteve Gatto, Fri Jul 27 13:45
          The driver may have heard some comment and took that to mean that was where Hoffa was buried (in the foundation) of the building. However, based on what the Hoffa associate that lived on Rolland... more
        • Hoffa driver is me (nm)K.t.K., Fri Jul 27 10:29
          • I always knew you were that kind of personTom Gaumer, Tue Aug 7 16:16
            KtK especially after you told me of the guy you pushed of the telephone tower for one of your barbequed potato chips dipped in chocolate milk.
    • That was almost not even humorous. — Erik, Thu Jul 26 23:25
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