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Daniel Buck
Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.
Fri Jul 27, 2018 03:28

It's television, in this case, the History Channel. History as clickbait. There will never be a television program titled "Local Man Buys $5 Tintype, Not Billy the Kid, Still Worth $5."

The Amelia Earhart debacle was even more embarrassing than I related. Per a July 2017 National Geographic Society report, shortly after the program was broadcast, a Japanese researcher found the same photo in a book published two years before Earhart's flight. Kent Gibson, the facial recognition expert who "authenticated" the photo as that of Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan (and who also "authenticated the croquet Billy tintype, the Frank Abrams Billy & Garrett tintype, and several other bogus Old West finds)was quoted as saying "I don't know what to say," adding "I don't have an explanation for why [the photograph] would show up two years early."

Then he doubled down, saying "he had acquired "new facial-recognition software that signals a match" between the unidentified man and Noonan. Asked for additional details, he declined further comment.

The History Channel told the Geographic that "it has a team of investigators 'exploring the latest developments about Amelia Earhart,' promising transparency in their findings." That was a year ago. Not a word since.

Details here,

At the same time that the 1937 date of the photo was being debunked, TIGHAR's Earhart Project asserted that the History Channel program had manipulated the evidence: a photo of Earhart's navigator Fred Noonan had been flopped to better math up with the face of an unidentified man in the supposed Earhart image.

"He has supposedly been identified by overlaying a photo of Fred Noonan and matching his receding hairline. However,the photograph of Fred Noonan has been flipped (horizontally reversed) to create the illusion that it matches the man on the dock. The photo is cropped from a shot of Earhart and Noonan in Caripito, Venezuela. Noonan parted his hair on the left, not the right. His actual hair line does not match the man in the photo."

Details here,

More debunking here,

The blowup on the TIGHAR page of the supposed Earhart person, seen at a distance from the side, shows a blank face, no features. It's impossible to tell the person's identity or, for that matter, ethnicity or gender. Dan

  • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words.Erik, Thu Jul 26 23:06
    ????? I didn't see that. Is this presented as some kind of evidence after she disappeared? To put something out like that, without impeccable, verifiable research? A downright disregard for their... more
    • Re: Dan, You are a man of many words. — Daniel Buck, Fri Jul 27 03:28
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