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Jerry Prather
Billy the Kid Mystery Solved!???
Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:06

For some reason, this popped up on my screen while I was looking at YouTube this morning. Since I had 15 minutes and 53 seconds to waste, I watched it. 100% of 80% of 60%, or whatever it is, will look pretty good after watching this.

After explaining what provenance is, the person fails to provide any except that the guy standing next to "Billy" had ancestors living in New Mexico and "Billy" is a white male with two arms, two hands, and two legs. Superimposing the image of Billy which sold for $2,000,000.00 over this "Billy" shows that both have two arms, two hands, and two legs - A Match!!

The owner of this thing says it was put up for auction at the 2016 High Noon Auction in Mesa, AZ, but doesn't say what it sold for(or if it sold). However, the "vast majority" of people who saw it there agreed that it was absolutely Billy the Kid! If this sounds idiotic, wait until you get to the facial recognition part. Be prepared to be amazed. Here it is:

I did not attend the 2016 High Noon event. I wonder if anyone here on BJs did and actually saw it. To me, whoever it is in the photo has a slight resemblance to Michael J. Pollard(the nose), who portrayed the person in question in that thing called DIRTY LITTLE BILLY.


  • 80% ain't what it used to beDaniel Buck, Wed Jul 25 05:14
    Erik, found this quiote ths morning, from the 4 November 2017 Daily Press, Victorville California:... more
    • Billy the Kid Mystery Solved!??? — Jerry Prather, Sun Jul 29 12:06
      • High NoonPam Potter, Tue Jul 31 10:58
        I have been to a few of the High Noon Auctions but not sure which years. I was there in 2015 or 16. There was a guy set up with some pictures that we all walked by rolling our eyes. Because someone... more
        • At High NoonJerry, Wed Aug 1 05:32
          Hello Pam, I have only been to the High Noon event twice. Last time about a year and a half ago. I think you and Dan are correct that the photo was on display in a booth there and was not for sale in ... more
      • Re: Billy the Kid Mystery Solved!???Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 29 13:49
        Jerry. Thanks. I think I saw that image some time ago, but I do not recall the circumstances. Marc Geyer, the narrator and perhaps agent/seller for the photo's owner, is a tad misleading in dropping... more
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