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Daniel Buck
Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today.
Tue Jul 31, 2018 05:14

These stories are fascinating, and this one might well have something, tho they normally just present the discoverer's point of view. The red team has not yet to be heard from.

I recall, from some Beatles reading of many years ago that McCartney & Lennon used to share authorship of songs on a non-authorial basis, simply to make sure that they were equitably sharing bylines and royalties, something like that. (TBH: Anecdote from memory.)

On the other hand, a good songwriter can write in most anyone's musical voice. So there is that. Dan

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    • Deconstructing the BeatlesDan Brown, Wed Aug 22 14:13
      Have you seen this series of films:
    • Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today. — Daniel Buck, Tue Jul 31 05:14
      • Re: Algorithming Beatles songs? Saw this today.Erik Hewitt, Tue Jul 31 23:09
        Yes, I agree about talented writers. "I've Just Seen a Face" is a good example of a Paul song that would fall into the Lennon model they set up. Trying to think of a Lennon song that would fit the... more
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