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Ben Harleman
Washington & Oregon readers
Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:30

This Saturday, the 4th, is Shaniko days in Shaniko Oregon. It's a small affair but a fun place to relax and spend time among likewise enthusiasts. There's gunfights and BBQ and I'm not sure what else, but I'm heading down from Seattle for it. It'd be a lot of fun to converse with other old west readers, if anyone else decides to come for the day.


    • Ask if anyone knows "Jumbo" Cantwell.K.t.K., Tue Jul 31 15:38
      This interesting bruiser ranged from Portland to Tacoma to Seattle and later Spokane. He would serve as professional bodyguard to boss gamblers, such as Harry Morgan at Tacoma.... more
      • Re: Ask if anyone knows "Jumbo" Cantwell.Ben Harleman, Wed Aug 1 17:51
        Man, where do you come up with these obscure tidbits? Great topic though. I knew the brothers Earp had been to Tacoma, but it seems there's always new info to go along with that. I was curious to see ... more
      • Oops, wrong one.K.t.K., Tue Jul 31 15:42 more
        • Couldn't pass up this little nugget...Ben Harleman, Wed Aug 1 18:05
          Chief of Police Mart Dillon. Was this the brother of renowned lawman Matt Dillon, a la the Bart Maverick to James Garner's Brett Marverick?
          • I guess "Jumbo" outed Dillon in 91K.t.K., Sat Aug 4 16:44
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